SM-Tn Sports Today Hr 2
July 26: Chip Walters, Mountain West FB & Trash Can Juice
  July 26: Chip Walters, Mountain West FB & Trash Can Juice
Jul. 27th
  July 23: Ryan McGee, Sun Belt Preview, NASCAR
Jul. 24th
  July 21: C-USA West & more CFB
Jul. 22nd
  July 19: ACC Coastal, MNF/NHL
Jul. 21st
  July 20: ACC Atlantic, SportsMomU talks NIL, Top 5 Tuesday
Jul. 21st
  July 14: Baseball, Pac12 North, Wild/Wacky
Jul. 15th
  July 13: ASG, Big XII preview, Top 5
Jul. 14th
  July 12: Operation Chip to Cancun, Kaidon Salter and Big XII preview
Jul. 13th
  July 9: Titans, MAC preview, NBA, Braves and more
Jul. 9th
  July 8: Plaster on the Braves, Sonny Gray strips down & Big Ten West preview
Jul. 8th
  July 7: CFB (Big Ten East preview), Braves and more
Jul. 7th
  July 6: Chip Walters, Braves, Top 5
Jul. 6th
  July 1: Soroka injury, CWS and more
Jul. 1st
  June 30: CWS, NIL, Braves & more
Jun. 30th
  Racism in sports, Hall of Fame, Braves, Preds & more
Jun. 29th
  June 28: CWS, Braves, Chip Walters, NBA coaching news
Jun. 28th
  June 25: Uniform debacles, Braves, Sounds, NASCAR
Jun. 25th
  June 24: Vandy does it again, Mike Keith & more
Jun. 24th
  June 23: NBA w/ Secrest, Vandy's Kevin Ingram, MLB trash can juiceand more
Jun. 23rd
  Tuesday, June 22: Playing catch up ... who is the MF Tom Brady was talking about?
Jun. 22nd
  Friday, June 18: Sounds, Braves, NASCAR
Jun. 18th
  Thursday, June 17: CWS, NBA, Braves and more
Jun. 17th
  Wednesday, June 16: Braves, Teresa Walker, Wild & Wacky
Jun. 16th
  Tuesday, June 15: George Plaster talks Braves & NBA; Top 5
Jun. 15th
  Monday, June 14: National champs, Braves, CWS, NHL
Jun. 14th
  Friday, June 11: Zach Barnett, RA Dickey, Braves, Titans, more
Jun. 11th
  Wednesday, June 9: CFB playoff expansion, Braves, Wild & Wacky
Jun. 9th
  Tuesday, June 7: Sam Tarlton, Maren Angus, Top 5 Tuesday
Jun. 8th
  Monday, June 7: MTSU, Braves, Julio
Jun. 7th
  Friday, June 4: Jeff Hem, Braves, SEC, WCWS, NASCAR
Jun. 4th
  Thursday, June 3: Braves, Teresa Walker, USFL back?
Jun. 3rd
  Tuesday, June 2: NBA, Braves, WCWS
Jun. 2nd
  Monday, May 24: Chip Walters, Braves, Preds, more
May. 24th
  Friday, May 21: Sounds, Braves and NASCAR
May. 21st
  Thursday, May 20: Bill Marbet, Braves and NFL QB rankings
May. 21st
  Wednesday, May 19: NCAA softball, Braves, Wild & Wacky
May. 19th
  Tuesday, May 18: Nashville Fairgrounds, Braves, Top 5
May. 18th
  Monday, May 17: Chip Walters, baseball and more
May. 17th
  Friday, May 14: Jeff Hem, Baseball and more
May. 14th
  Thursday, May 13: Braves, Dewon Brazelton and Titans/Preds schedules
May. 13th
  Wednesday, May 12: Baseball &'s Jonathan Mayo
May. 12th
  Tuesday, May 11: Braves, Teresa Walker talks Preds, Top 5
May. 11th
  Monday, May 10: Chip Walters, Braves & More
May. 10th
  Friday, May 7: Jeff Hem (Sounds PxP), Braves, Titans, NASCAR
May. 7th
  Thursday, May 6: Woody Hunt, Baseball, NHL
May. 6th
  Wednesday, May 5: Chip Walters, Baseball, Wild & Wacky!
May. 5th
  Tuesday, May 4: Darren Reese, Baseball, Top 5
May. 4th
  Monday, May 3: Titans draft, Braves, Trash Can Juice
May. 3rd
  Friday, April 30: George Plaster on NFL Draft, Danny White, Braves
Apr. 30th
  Thursday, April 29: Matt Rogers/Titans, Braves, UT
Apr. 29th
  Wednesday, April 28: Teresa Walker, Braves, Wild & Wacky
Apr. 28th
  Tuesday, April 27: Braves, Preds, NCAA WBB, Top 5
Apr. 27th
  Monday, April 26: UT FB, Vandy baseball, Braves & more
Apr. 26th
  Friday, April 23: Braves, Vols w/ David Ubben, NASCAR
Apr. 23rd
  Thursday, April 22: Greg Seitz, Braves & Preds
Apr. 22nd
  Wednesday, April 21: Titans PA announcer vote, Braves, Wild & Wacky
Apr. 21st
  Tuesday, April 20: Recruiting, Preds, Braves T5 Tuesday
Apr. 20th
  Monday, April 19: MTSU, Braves and more
Apr. 19th
  Friday, April 16: Teresa Walker and Braves
Apr. 16th
  Thursday, April 15: Braves, Chris Lee - Vandy Sports
Apr. 15th
  Wednesday, April 14: George Plaster, Doug Scopel, Wild & Wacky
Apr. 14th
  Tuesday, April 13: Eddie George presser, George Plaster, Top 5 Tuesday
Apr. 13th
  Monday, April 12: Braves Replay, Eddie George to TSU, Chip Walters
Apr. 12th
  Thursday, April 8: Brad Willis (TSHOF), Braves, Titans, Preds
Apr. 8th
  Wednesday, April 7: Vandy WBB coaching, The Masters, Wild & Wacky
Apr. 7th
  Tuesday, April 6: NCAA/UNC Hoops, Top 5 Tuesday
Apr. 6th
  Monday, April 5: Chip Walters, NCAA hoops, Braves
Apr. 5th
  Thursday, April 1: Roy Williams talk, Teresa Phillips, Braves
Apr. 1st
  Wednesday, March 31: Chris Lee -, NCAA Trny, Wild & Wacky
Mar. 31st
  Tuesday, March 30: Mike Keith, NCAA Hoops, Top 5
Mar. 30th
  Monday, March 29: Chip Walters, Preds, NCAA hoops
Mar. 29th
  Friday, March 26: NCAA coaching rumors, Preds, Braves, NASCAR
Mar. 26th
  Thursday, March 25: NHL ref fired, BBQ, NCAA hoops & Braves news
Mar. 25th
  Wednesday, March 24: NCAA hoops, fmr boxer Silk Sammy Sparkman, Wild & Wacky Wednesday
Mar. 24th
  Tuesday, March 23: Titans, NCAA Tourney w/ Jerry Palm & Top 5 Upsets
Mar. 23rd
  Monday, March 22: Chip Walters, NCAA Tournaments
Mar. 22nd
  Friday, March 19: Chicken Man - NASCAR, Andrew Moore - Titans & More
Mar. 19th
  Thursday, March 18: NCAA Trny, Lady Vols/Lady Raiders, Wild & Wacky
Mar. 18th
  Tuesday, March 16: Joe Williams, Landen Secrest, Top 5 Tuesday
Mar. 16th
  Monday, March 15: Chip Walters, NCAA Tournament, 62 Yd FG, New MLB Rules
Mar. 15th
  Wednesday, March 10: Titans Moves, Wild & Wacky Wed
Mar. 10th
  Tuesday, March 9: SEC Hoops, Les Miles and More
Mar. 10th
  Monday, March 8: Chip Walters, SEC Hoops & More
Mar. 8th
  Friday, March 5: Chicken Man on NASCAR, College Hoops & More
Mar. 5th
  Thursday, March 4: Jerry Palm - CBS Sports Bracketologist, Preds, Braves & More
Mar. 4th
  Wednesday, March 3: Greg McDermott's Plantation Comments, Titans, Wild & Wacky Wed
Mar. 3rd
  Tuesday, March 2: #Make it Make Sense, J.J. Watt to Arizona & Top 5 Tuesday
Mar. 2nd
  Monday, March 1: Chip Walters, SEC Hoops, Press & Braves
Mar. 1st
  Friday, Feb. 26: Teresa Walker, Terry "Chicken Man" Wilcox, Titans & Preds Talk & More
Feb. 26th
  Thursday, Feb. 25: Joe Rexrode, UT/Vandy, J.J. Watt to Titans?
Feb. 25th
  Wednesday, Feb. 24: Tiger Woods, Alex Smith GQ Quote, Preds, Wild & Wacky Wed
Feb. 24th
  Tuesday, Feb. 23: Titans OL, College Baseball, Top 5 Tuesd
Feb. 23rd
  Monday, Feb. 22: Chip Walters, Prime Time and more
Feb. 22nd
  Friday, Feb. 19: Doug Scopel, "Chicken Man", Lady Vols, Preds & More
Feb. 19th
  Thursday, Feb. 18: SEC Hoops, Preds, MLB News
Feb. 18th
  Wednesday, Feb. 17: Pete Weber, UT Football, Titans & Wild & Wacky Wed
Feb. 17th
  Tuesday, Feb. 16: UT Hires DC, Gus Goes to UCF & Top 5 Tuesday
Feb. 16th
  Monday, Feb. 15: Chip Walter, Daytona 500, College Hoops & More
Feb. 15th
  Friday, Feb. 12: The Chicken Man & Daytona 500, The Rundown, NFL, Preds & More
Feb. 12th
  Thursday, Feb. 11: Heather Williams, Mr/Miss Basketball Finalists, The Rundown & More
Feb. 11th