3D Universe Untethered
Episode 29 - Rick Williams - Leveraging MIDI to enable amputees to play music
  Episode 29 - Rick Williams - Leveraging MIDI to enable amputees to play music
Aug. 19th
  Episode 28 - Morley Kert, designer, maker, and content creator
Jul. 28th
  Episode 27 - Culinary 3D Printing with Kyle von Hasseln (Sugar Lab)
Jul. 14th
  Episode 26 - With featured guest, Agustin "Flowalistik" Arroyo
Feb. 18th
  Episode 25 - Optimizing Your 3D Prints with SmartSlice
Jan. 27th
  Episode 24: Exploring the Creation of 3D Printed Fabrics & Fashion
Nov. 15th
  Episode 23: 3D Printed Ceramics in Art and Education
Oct. 26th
  Episode 22: New dimensions of making with the Snapmaker 2.0
Oct. 12th
  Episode 21: Desktop Vacuum Forming with the Mayku FormBox
Jul. 16th
  Episode 20: BE Mask Team and the Development of Open-Source Mask Solutions
Jul. 3rd
  Episode 19: Bryce Carter, a traditional craftsman, talks digital fabrication
Jun. 18th
  Episode 18: MakerBot Solutions for 3D Printing in the Classroom
Jun. 6th
  Episode 17: Ultimaker Essentials and Ultimaker Academy
May. 25th
  Episode 16: Jason Enders of RE Suspension - 3D Printing in Motorsports
May. 11th
  Episode 15: Designing the Next e-NABLE 3D Printed Hand with Device User and Designer Mike Larson
Apr. 19th
  Episode 14: 3D Printing Live Q&A with 3D Universe Founder, Jeremy Simon
Apr. 5th
  Episode 13: Choosing the right 3D printing material, with Dylan George of Ultimaker
Mar. 22nd
  Episode 12: Interview with the Laser Production Creatives of Big Secret
Mar. 5th
  Episode 11: Volpin Props - Interview with Harrison Krix
Feb. 19th
  Episode 10: Tactile Craftworks - Women-Owned Laser Cutting Business
Feb. 8th
  Episode 09: 3D Printed Houses, a discussion with Mighty Buildings
Dec. 18th
  Episode 08: Musical Laser Rainbows and 3D Printed Floating Castles | Meet Artist Vic Chaney
Dec. 4th
  Episode 07: MakerBot METHOD and METHOD X Deep Dive with Johan-Till Broer, Vice President, Product Development @ MakerBot
Nov. 25th
  Episode 06: Creating the Kinetic Hand, a 3D Printable Assistive Device by Mat Bowtell
Nov. 20th
  Episode 05: A Conversation with Emmy Nominated Visual Artist Jesse Toves
Nov. 9th
  Episode 04: MakerForce - 350 Makers with 600 3D Printers Create 66,000 PPE
Oct. 23rd
  Episode 03: e-NABLE - A Global Community of Makers using 3D Printing to “Give the World a Helping Hand”
Oct. 9th
  Episode 02: Digital Fabrication in a Remote Learning Environment
Sep. 27th
  Episode 01: Next Level Cosplay with 3D Printing
Sep. 10th