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"Now You Can Throw Away the Key to Access Your Computer Systems" Graeme Speak, after many years in the crypto security has dveloped the ultimate safe login system. Tell me what you think.
  "Now You Can Throw Away the Key to Access Your Computer Systems" Graeme Speak, after many years in the crypto security has dveloped the ultimate safe login system. Tell me what you think.
Nov. 18th
  "Play the Game on a Level Playing Field" Vox Pop Gaming is a platform desigend by Charles and Marc which allows the little guys to compete with the big gaming Corporations and get paid a fair price. You will be amazed.
Nov. 11th
  "Seeing is Believing" Can vision be improved using Ai? Chuck Gershman and his Company OwlAi is well on it's way to improving the safety of millions.
Nov. 3rd
  "Water Ski behind a driver-less boat?" Robin Sells has developed a boat you can launch quickly, begin sking right away and do it all by remote control SOLO.
Oct. 28th
  "The True Secret of Start-ups" Jaian Cuttari explains how a new founder should approach his business in the beginning and beyond
Oct. 21st
  "Tap Tap to Save Lives" Andrew and Henrietta identified a problem causing death to many women and have created a way to help worlwide
Oct. 14th
  "The Race is On" Vince Sebastian is developing a Pro virtual Car Racing network. It's so real you can smell the fuel. Find out how you can be a part of this growing sport.
Oct. 4th
  "Look Beyond the Tech of Today in Crypto" The Founders of the Spade Token give us a look at how they plan to change the world of how Crypto is used
Aug. 27th
  "Get to the Point, the Point of On-Boarding/Client Management for New Financial Clients in the Block-Chain World" Appo Agbamu founder of Ahrvo has put together the full package for any Industry requiring strict on-boarding and client lifetime management
Aug. 3rd
  "The Future Keeper of the Gates in the Arts" Starwire, a company dedicated to protecting the intellectual properties of artists and their works. It also , as there line says, "You Get Paid when We Get Paid" A must see for investors with interst in protect
Jul. 22nd
  "They discovered a way to help 1000's of students grow mentally and phtsically" Ivan Tchatchouwo and his partner Eric have a company which is already building huge contracts with Colleges and Universties to help their etire student body.
Jul. 21st
  "Let's re-invent Digital Adsvertising" Tim Brown, founder of Fiducia, The firm is meant to deliver trust and transparency for digital advertising over an industry consortium network through the use of Block-chain.
Jul. 19th
  "A Branded Man" Somke Wallin is one of the world's best Branding experts who has turned his expertise to Cannabis. This a true Listen and Learn episode.
Jul. 1st
  "A Driven Woman" Claudia Post recognized cannabis as the next frontier. Post founded Smoking Hot Solutions which focuses on digital marketing communications for the industry. But her creativity does not end there.
Jun. 25th
  "Caution, Creative Minds at Work" Ivan Tchatchouwo is an athlete who saw a burning need to help students stay in school by recieving some much needed help that had been ignored.
Jun. 11th
  "A strat-up mentor unlike any you have ever met" Abeed Janmohammad Startup Developer takes us down the road to start-up success.
Jun. 3rd
  "Being under Pressure and Enjoying it" Adam Salamon is an entrepreneur at heart he spent his life thinking of ways to do a simple thing better to make a real impact in people's lives
May. 28th
  "Big SNACK under Glass" Duncan Burns shows us how to serve healthy snacks on the table. Keeping Fruits and Vegitables for many times longer and within reach. The ultimate snack under glass
May. 20th
  "Stay covered, Stay safe" Alvin Sun is our guest and has some highly creative and benefical concepts in the area of PPE as well as bio-degradble plastics inovations.
May. 13th
  "Holding back the Wolves that will attack your Vision" Robert Cantrell is an expert in the area of Patents and fully understands the importance of protecting yout IP. This is truly a master class.
May. 6th
  "A Real Glass Haus" Lindsey Pate, CEO of Glass Haus Grown, is setting the standard in the area of Craft Cannabis. A decades old family business is ready to rock the industry.
Apr. 29th
  "Get Clipped Here" Derrick Butler, the CEO of Keispie talks about his concept of bringing a hair stylist to you. A unique concept which you will soon see Nationwide.
Apr. 22nd
  "Lock the Door Behind You" Tom MacNamara is an expert in the area of data protection. Here you will discover inovative ways to protect your business
Apr. 13th
  "The Secret is in the Flower" Nate Neihuus, Founder of Fast Flower Farms, gives his pitch about how he is breaking the code on nearly perfect cannabis flower genetics.
Apr. 8th
  "Get a Kick out of Lipkick" The founders of Joiant present their new Cannabis based products that will make you smile. This pitch has a KICK.
Apr. 1st
  "Toys Toys Toys" Rhonda Collins with Toycycle gives her Pitch on a unique concept to handle all the toys and items the kids have out-grown Nationwide.
Mar. 25th
  "The Billionaire Menu" David Roy Newby has studied the lives of many Billionaires and knows how they 'tick" as well as how to improve even the lives of the mega wealthy.
Mar. 18th
  " Don't Look for a Venture Capitalist, become one using VC 3.0" Vince Wicker, Patrick Tuttle and Ray Pepito give their Pitch about the coming New World economy built around Block-Chain, Smart Contracts and Crypto Currency.
Mar. 10th
  "Time to Get on Board" Jared McNally of Shred Metrics Brings science into the selection of sporting goods, specifically snowboarding and skiing. His Pitch will Inspire you to hit the slopes the right way and enjoy it more.
Mar. 4th
  "Make your Pitch Precious" Our Guest is Precious Williams, an International know expert in the art of Pitching your idea/concept to create the most impact. In this podcast, you will gain knowledge you never would have imagined to grow your business.
Feb. 25th
  "How to find Yourself on Cloud 9" Michael Brown gives his Pitch on Cloud9AI and how it specializes in using Data as a Resource in a Unique Way.
Feb. 18th
  "Nothing Artificial about This" Neal Sofian gives his Pitch on how Tuzag can change how AI can add to the quality of life.
Feb. 11th
  "Park Your Investment Here" This Pitch by Ethan Glass shows a need and ParkPlace is filling it. How to organize multiple parking platforms and increase parking lot owners and managers profits more than 3x
Feb. 4th
  "Been There Done That" Bruno Manh, a Successful Startup Entrepreneur and Investor walks you through the maze of how to get Investors
Jan. 28th
  "On the Glide Path" Rob Bowen of Patriotic Insurance teaches how to fly your company away from danger.
Jan. 21st
  "Give Me Water on the Side" Jimmy King gives his pitch on the Side-Bottle product. Creative way to safely add your phone with your water bottle.
Jan. 14th
  "Dance to the Music" Julius Hudson and Denyzio LaBoy Make Their Pitch on a platform for artists that levels the playing field
Jan. 7th
  "What's Your Favorite Flavor?" Ellen and Christopher give you the flavors of business trends for 2021. Opinions that matter.
Dec. 31st
  "Don't Forget Your P's" Ellen and Christophe bring you their Holiday Gift | The 4 P's of a solid Business Start-up foundation.
Dec. 24th
  "Top Secret" Clay Urquhart the founder of the Battle Rythm Beard Company gives you your marching orders on how to satrt a business from scratch
Dec. 17th
  " Remember Me" Cameron Labrecque Makes His Pitch on his creation "Remerery" Share Your Past with the Future App
Dec. 10th
  "Grant Your Wish" How Grants can Kick-Start your Business, featuring Oveda Hancock
Dec. 3rd
  "Pitch a Strike" The 12 Questions You need to Answer for an Investor
Nov. 26th
  "The Music Men" Julius and Denyzio pitch Penuin a talent platform for all to show their talents and profit.
Nov. 19th
  "Zip Your Lip" All about Patents with George Walton
Nov. 12th
  "Emergency Water" Judson Walls Makes his Pitch on Constant Water
Nov. 5th
  "Let's Get Started" Make-Your-Pitch "Where Entreprenuers Meet Investors"
Oct. 26th