The Manhattan Sideways Podcast
Episode 44: Betsy Bober Polivy, Founder of Manhattan Sideways
  Episode 44: Betsy Bober Polivy, Founder of Manhattan Sideways
Nov. 12th
  Episode 43: Tiziana Agnello, Love Thy Beast
Nov. 6th
  Episode 42: Linda St. John, D.L. Cerney
Oct. 29th
  Episode 41: Santo Mollica, The Source Unltd Print & Copy Shop
Jun. 5th
  Episode 40: Kathy Kemp, ANNA
May. 28th
  Episode 39: Mikel Glass, Visual Artist
May. 14th
  Special Episode: Reporting on Covid-19
Mar. 30th
  Episode 38: Jim Gerding and Stoney McGurrin, Ryan's Daughter
Mar. 5th
  Episode 37: Tilde Mariani Giacche, Reflecting on Asti Italian Restaurant (Now Strip House Steakhouse)
Feb. 27th
  Episode 36: Deborah Koenigsberger, Noir et Blanc NYC and Hearts of Gold
Feb. 20th
  Episode 35: Voza Rivers, Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce
Feb. 13th
  Episode 34: Andy Tarshis, Tiecrafters
Feb. 6th
  Episode 33: Chad Beightol, Consigliere Men's Grooming Shop
Feb. 3rd
  Episode 32: Seren Morey, Jody Bretnall and Art Guerra, Guerra Paint and Pigment Corporation
Jan. 23rd
  Episode 31: Judith Lowry, Naomi Hample, and Adina Cohen, Argosy Bookstore
Jan. 16th
  Episode 30: Alan Heron, The Hunterian
Jan. 9th
  Episode 29: Lorcan Otway, 80 St. Mark's (William Barnacle Tavern, Theatre 80, and the Museum of the American Gangster)
Jan. 4th
  Episode 28: Dimitri Gatanas, Urban Garden Center
Dec. 24th
  Episode 27: Suzanne Newman, Suzanne Couture Millinery
Dec. 17th
  Episode 26: Kate Coyne and Ann Hohenhaus, The Animal Medical Center
Dec. 8th
  Episode 25: Kelly Jaime, The Sweet Shop NYC
Nov. 23rd
  Episode 24: Matt Fox and Enrique Crame III, Fine and Dandy
Nov. 4th
  Episode 23: Bella Meyer, Fleurs Bella
Oct. 21st
  Introduction to Season Two
Oct. 21st
  Episode 22: Jill Herlands
Sep. 30th