The Swarm Unplugged
"M2, The Past, The Present and The Future" Join us for a Lively panel discussion with 3 well know influncers in the Bees Community to take a look at M2. You will find it very informative.
  "M2, The Past, The Present and The Future" Join us for a Lively panel discussion with 3 well know influncers in the Bees Community to take a look at M2. You will find it very informative.
Oct. 5th
  "Turning Spades into Crypto for Humanity" Steven and Kyra have developed a crypto currency that will benefit millions of people throught the world. You're about to find out how.
Oct. 4th
  "Relationships build Businesses" Scott Solomon is here to talk about the many projects he is involved in and the people he has come to know along the way
Sep. 11th
  "The Techno Wizard is in the House" Rick Scherer is an extremely talented person in all things digital. I have seen him turn a concept into reality almost overnight. Let's get to know Rick
Sep. 10th
  "Marketer, Early Opes Member and Bees Social Warrior" Justin Blake brings a lot to the table for the Bees Social Community. We are fortunate to have him on our side
Sep. 2nd
  " The Star of Crescent City" Ann Herber is leading the way to helping others prosper right in what seems to be the capital of Bees Social
Aug. 30th
  "The Truther Movement is Alive" Jeran Campanella is here to discuss that and his area of Crypto which is exciting
Aug. 28th
  "Hard work, Faith and Heart" Dr Arnold Doobay joins us to talk about himself and his journey
Aug. 28th
  "A Food Forest in Your Backyard?" Jim Gale is joining us to talk about living off the grid
Aug. 28th
  " Meet the Uncle of Crypto" Uncle Vigilante has his show on You Tube and digs deep into areas of Crypto that few know
Aug. 27th
  "Cyber Security means Winning or Losing in the Crypto World" Our Guest, Phillip Ross will take a hard look at the facts
Aug. 27th
  "The Man in the Middle of Change" Dr Arnold Doobay joins us to talk about Hummanity and the blessings we can all share
Aug. 27th
  "Busines Solutions based on the Block-chain to secure Your Business"Appo Agbamu is the founder of Ahrvo, a Compny that has been developing for over 3 years and is now ready to secure your company in this digital age.
Jul. 25th
  "A Star is Born" The Starwire team with Garnet Campbell, tells us about himself and what his goals are to deveolpe Starwire and his Life.
Jul. 23rd
  "Dr Arnold Doobay, need I say More?" We sat down with Arnie and talked about his experience in S America and what it means to those people
Jul. 22nd
  "A Man Who Shares His Joy and Light throughout the World" Dr Arnold "Arnie" Doobay shares a very special event with us, the dedication of a new home to a family in an impoverished country in S. America.
Jul. 20th
  "A Wild History for Such a Mellow Man" Jerry "JC" Carrick goes into his amazing life in a way you would never expect. Meet this tremendous member of the Bees Social Community.
Jul. 20th
  "Do You Have a Need for Speed" Jesus Sicilia from Spain, the driver of the Bees Social Race Car let's us get to know him and his goals.
Jul. 19th
  "Let's Pull Back the Curtain" The Swarm Unplugged Team has an open discussion on the Bees Community.
Jul. 19th
  "Our Community Cheese Head" Will Nersinger is a die hard Green Bay Cheese Head but is equally dedicated to the growth and success on the Bees Community.
Jul. 5th
  "Our Silent Hero" Arnold "Arnie" Doobay is a man dedicated to buidilng up prople who need a hand up. Here is his personal story.
Jul. 5th
  "One of the Originals to OPES, a True Believer" Henry Cooper wants all to know what this community means to him and how he knows that we are just at the starting line.
Jun. 25th
  "The Wisdom of the Redwoods" Dan Harrison has beautiful, inspiring and heartfelt words for the entire community. He believes that anytime a person is reaching a hand up, he wants his hand to be there to greet them.
Jun. 25th
  "Not only a Star but a very giving and passionate Unintentional Hero" Julia Phare joins us to tell us about her life and her road through the maze of the Crypto world. Don't miss this.
Jun. 19th
  "ONE Million Dollar Give-Away" Stevie Stacks is going to give away 1 Million M2 on his twitter channel. We hear from Stevie and his brother Adam about their amazing life and family.
Jun. 19th
  "The central pillar of the building of OPES Finance" John Langdon sat at the table with Richi and heard the vision. His decision changed the entire direction of what we now know as Bees Social.
Jun. 14th
  "The Don of OPES Finance" Mark Anthony Cook is the primary investor in OPES Finance and having been there since day one, there is a lot of great info here.
Jun. 11th
  "From Kenya with Love" Laila is all about helping others. She is one of the most dedicated people in our community and you will hear it in this very special edition on the Swarm Unplugged.
Jun. 7th
  "Some people are Special, some Unique, some intelligent, How about all this and More" Barbara Palmer talks to us about her life and the great work she does for others. She also takes a path leading to her confidence in Bees.Social
Jun. 3rd
  "There is no Grey only Black and White" Ray Pepito goes into detail about his life, his family and his faith while getting a big dose of feature film exposure.
Jun. 2nd
  "The oil and gas business is not the only place you have to drill down deep" Our Guest, Ed King, deals with people who drop big money into holes that they may never see again. How does he compare that to crypto?
May. 31st
  The Town Crier of Crescent City" Josh Mims is known throughout Crescent City as a go-to guy for help in all things Bees.Social. Not only well known but well respected
May. 28th
  "Bringing a Smile to the Community combined with Wisdom" Our Guest Tony K has been a part of the community for many months and is a major influnce in the direction and building of Bees. Social. Join us to get to know Tony better.
May. 28th
  "A visit to Kenya" Our Guest, Karim Valimohamed is deeply invloved in humanitarian work not only in his home in Kenya but in many other areas. A truly fasinating man with many stories to tell.
May. 20th
  "Crescent City Speaks" Phillip Ross tells about some of the great humanitary work being done in the Crescent City area and plans for the future.
May. 18th
  "Be the 1st on your block to introduce 1000 women to Bees.Social" Our Guest May Wong has a huge vision only exceeded by her tremendous heart. Her goal, from her home in Canada is to introduce 1000 women to the Bee'Social Community. Many of those women
May. 13th
  "The Consultant is in the House" Will Torbet is our guest today and has many reasons why he is in the Bees Community
May. 11th
  "satellites are spinning around his head" Bryant Harper has stories that will make you wonder where you were during those early days of pure programming and the development of sttellites and the things we all take for grant now.A true Pioneer.
May. 6th
  " Redwood Dan" Our Guest Dan Harrison has a very interesting story to tell. If you listen real close, you will hear the wind in the Giant Redwoods.
May. 4th
  "This Man Thinks Outside of the Box" Our guest, Scott Rogers, has been in the community for several months and knows his way around. Listen and Learn.
Apr. 29th
  "M2 Overview Part 3" Vince Wicker gives an important walk-through and step by step process of how to aquire your M2 when it is released. . He also, wisely, wants you to know some porential pitfalls and protects you with knowledge.
Apr. 26th
  "M2 Overview Part 2" Inquiring Minds Want to Know. Vince Wicker answers some questions off the cuff without notice and cracks open many nuggets for us to grab hold of. This is a great Listen..
Apr. 24th
  "M2 Overview Part #1" Vince Wicker tells us about the inside story and workings of the M2 Token. Take a listen to learn more and share more.
Apr. 22nd
  "A Star is Born" Colin and Garnet join us to talk about their Star, "Starwire" as well as about who they are personally. Their goals and vision will have you looking to the Sky.
Apr. 20th
  'Entering the Austin City Limits' Carlo Cucina is our guest. He has been involved in Cryto off and on for several years. You'll enjoy his personal story about Bitcoin.
Apr. 14th