Oklahoma Odyssey
Advocating for Equality: Unveiling Oklahoma's Crusade for Justice
  Advocating for Equality: Unveiling Oklahoma's Crusade for Justice
Apr. 26th
  On the Same Page: Shielded: How The Police Became Untouchable
Apr. 5th
  Unveiling the Hidden Economy: The Impact of Prison Labor
Mar. 29th
  On the Same Page: Punishment Without Trial: Why Plea Bargaining Is a Bad Deal
Mar. 9th
  Behind Bars: A Journey Through the Ages of Punishment
Feb. 23rd
  On the Same Page: Rebooting Justice: More Technology, Fewer Lawyers, and the Future of Law
Feb. 9th
  Chronicles of Consequence: Unraveling the War on Drugs
Jan. 19th
  On the Same Page: The Courage of Compassion
Jan. 5th
  Reforming Justice: Oklahoma's 2023 Triumphs and the Road Ahead
Dec. 30th
  On the Same Page: A Christmas in Prison
Dec. 8th
  Uncovering Civil Asset Forfeiture
Nov. 17th
  On the Same Page: Innocent Man
Nov. 3rd
  On the Same Page: Killers of the Flower Moon
Oct. 27th
  Faith, Justice, and the Death Penalty
Oct. 21st
  On the Same Page: The Poisoner's Handbook
Oct. 6th
  On the Same Page: Mindhunter
Sep. 8th
  Unveiling the Link: Concentrated Disadvantage and Criminal Legal Involvement in Oklahoma
Jul. 22nd
  On the Same Page: Profit and Punishment: How America Criminalizes the Poor in the Name of Justice
Jul. 7th
  On the Same Page: A Theory of Justice
Jun. 10th
  Pulse's Season One Finale - Heartbeats of Justice: Reflect, Revisit, Reform
Nov. 25th
  Oklahoma's Criminal Justice Reform Story
Nov. 19th
  On the Same Page: Criminal (In)Justice: What the Push for Decarceration and Depolicing Gets Wrong and Who It Hurts Most
Nov. 4th
  Chilling Chronicles: Oklahoma's Dark Tales of True Crime
Oct. 28th
  2SLGBTQ+ History Month
Oct. 14th
  Prisons are an Environmental Injustice
Sep. 16th
  Criminalizing Poverty: The Grim Realities of Fines and Fees
Sep. 9th
  Why Do We Lock Up So Many Women and Girls?
Aug. 26th
  Previewing the Legislative's Upcoming Interim Studies
Aug. 13th
  On the Same Page: Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Injustice
Aug. 5th
  Are Private Prisons All Bad?
Jul. 9th
  On the Same Page: Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court
Jul. 1st
  2022 Oklahoma Legislative Session Recap
Jun. 24th
  On the Same Page: Rich get Richer, Poor get Prison
Jun. 4th
  Celebrating National Drug Court Month
May. 21st
  Hysteria, PTSD, and Crisis: Mental Health Realities in Prison
May. 14th
  On the Same Page: Apart
May. 6th
  Ethical Journalism, Wokeism, and Misinformation: Part 2
Apr. 23rd
  Ethical Journalism, Wokeism, and Misinformation: Part 1
Apr. 15th
  A Win for Employers & Employees: Second Chance Employment & the R.I.S.E Program
Apr. 8th
  On the Same Page: The Direct Line from American Prisons to Slavery
Apr. 1st
  HB 3848: Using Big Data to Improve the Criminal Legal System
Mar. 25th
  Tackling Oklahoma Debtors Prison in the Legislature
Mar. 21st
  On the Same Page: How Criminal Legal Literature Hits Close to Home
Mar. 11th