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It's The Economy Stupid!!!
  It's The Economy Stupid!!!
May. 24th
  TIA "Freight Brokers Poised for Long Term Success" - FBTV Podcast for May 2, 2023
May. 2nd
  Capacity Vs. Available Freight - Freight Broker TV Podcast
Apr. 25th
  More On How To Find Customers With Freight - FBTV Podcast April 18, 2023
Apr. 18th
  Trucking Money Seized By The Government... Returned By The Court! (almost 3 years later)
Apr. 11th
  Legalized Marijuana? For Trucking? Your Opinion Is Wanted!
Apr. 4th
  The FBTV Podcast For March 28th, 2023... When NOT To Use That Credit Card!
Mar. 28th
  The Day After... CDL Driver To Be Required In Autonomous Trucks?
Mar. 18th
  This Is The Weekend... Spring Forward!
Mar. 10th
  We're Back...FBTV Podcast Is Back!
Mar. 3rd
  Shippers Unwilling To Pay Higher Freight Rates? SO????
Jan. 24th
  Let's Talk More About Load Boards....
Jan. 18th
  Welcome To 2023.... What's New?
Jan. 10th
  Trucking & Transportation News & More...
Nov. 2nd
  FBTV Podcast - Q&A (How To Become A Freight Broker Agent?)
Oct. 26th
  What Is Going On With Fuel Prices?
Oct. 12th
  How To Become A Freight Broker Agent...
Oct. 5th
  Double Brokered Loads
Sep. 28th
  How To Approach A Potential Customer On A Cold Call
Sep. 21st
  Load Boards For Freight Brokers & Carriers
Sep. 14th
  Let's Talk Email - Perception Becomes Reality!
Aug. 31st
  Building Relationships With Shippers & Carriers
Aug. 26th
  The Trucks Ready To Go.... well... not so much.
Aug. 22nd
  The Truck Or The Brokerage? Which should come first?
Aug. 10th
  Q&A Day - Too Many Calls From Dispatch Services
Aug. 6th
  Self-Driving Truck Crash Blamed On Human Error?
Aug. 3rd
  Can Freight Be Brokered On Weekends?
Jul. 30th
  Accessorial Fees - What Are They & How Much
Jul. 27th
  Freight Broker Questions & Answers
Jul. 23rd
  How Much Should You Spend For A Shipper Directory?
Jul. 20th
  Should A Freight Broker Disclose What The Customer Is Paying?
Jul. 16th
  More Common Freight Broker Mistakes
Jul. 13th
  Finally, The EIA Is Working!
Jul. 9th
  How To Find Shippers As A New Freight Broker
Jul. 6th
  Avoiding New Freight Broker Mistakes
Jun. 30th
  A Reversed Truck Ordered Not Used Fee? Why Not?
Jun. 25th
  How To Get Trucks To Move Your Loads As A New Freight Broker
Jun. 22nd
  FBTV Podcast - Q&A Day for June 18th, 2022 - Happy Father's Day!
Jun. 18th
  FBTV Podcast - Freight Broker? You Should KNOW The Details Of Your Load!
Jun. 15th
  Freight Broker TV Video Podcast QNA's For Saturday June 11, 2022
Jun. 11th
Jun. 8th
  FBTV Podcast For Saturday Morning June 4, 2022 - QNA's
Jun. 4th
  Why Carriers Should Have A Freight Brokerage and An Off-The-Wall WWYD...
Jun. 1st
  Saturday Morning Q&A - Truck Prices Down - Biden Reaching Out To The Oil Industry?
May. 28th
  The Freightliner eCascadia... Ready to Roll, A Whopping 230 Miles?
May. 25th
  You Ask, We Answer! What's The Difference Between A Good Freight Broker And A Bad Freight Broker?
May. 21st
  Politicians Think The Price Of Fuel Is Too High... And They Plan To Do Something About It!
May. 18th
  Saturday Q&A! How Much Is Too Much To Have In The Cab Of Your Truck?
May. 14th
  The FMCSA Speed Limiter Mandate Comments Are Coming In. Yep, Exactly What You'd Expect!
May. 11th
  The Saturday Morning FBTV "Q&A" Podcast - Shipper Packet, Carrier Packet, & Biz Plan...
May. 7th
  Freight Broker Start-Up Expense - Mayor Pete - Speed Limiters
May. 4th
  Saturday Morning Q&A FBTV Podcast - You Ask, We Answer!
Apr. 30th
  Elon Get's Twitter... Let's Talk Social Media Marketing!
Apr. 27th
  Q&A's - Broker Bonds, Bulk Loads, & Getting A Carrier To Work With A New Freight Broker
Apr. 23rd
  Freight Broker Sales Call Basics!
Apr. 20th
  Q&A Day On FBTV Podcast... Questions From Missouri & France?
Apr. 16th
  Let's Talk About Lease Purchase... Good? Bad? Do We Really Need A Government Task Force?
Apr. 13th
  Rates, Spot Rates, Fuel Surcharge, Cost Per Mile... Everything But Q&A's In This FBTV Podcast!
Apr. 9th
  The President Heaps Praises On Truckers And Pats Himself On The Back For The "Great Economy" While Fuel Prices Are At Record Highs
Apr. 6th
  Saturday Morning FBTV Podcast As Live Streamed On YouTube - Q & A's - April 2, 2022
Apr. 2nd
  Mayor Pete...No Wait, Secretary of Transportation "Pete" Knows How To Solve The Problems... C'mon Man!
Mar. 30th
  Saturday Morning FBTV Podcast As Live Streamed On YouTube March 26, 2022
Mar. 26th
  What Hours Will I Be Working As A Freight Broker? Can I Work Weekends? Holidays?
Mar. 23rd
  Saturday Morning Freight Broker Q&A's
Mar. 19th
  Freight Brokers That Lie
Mar. 16th
  FBTV Question & Answers - Your Freight Transportation Questions, Our Answers
Mar. 12th
  It's The Fuel Prices Stupid! Go Green On Your Own Dime!
Mar. 9th
  Freight Broker Authority? Carrier Authority? Both? Which Is The One I Need For What I'm Wanting To Do?
Mar. 5th
  How Fast Do I Start Making Money As A Freight Broker?
Mar. 3rd
  Your Questions, Our Answers! Q&A Day On FBTV.
Mar. 1st
  Think Fuel Is Expensive Now? The People's Convoy Has Begun!
Feb. 24th
  The People's Convoy - D.C. Here We Come!
Feb. 22nd
  What is Wrong With Trudeau?
Feb. 17th
  Trudeau Invokes Emergency Powers Across Canada. Really? This Really A Good Idea?
Feb. 15th
  Not To Worry! Department Of Homeland Security Is On The Job...
Feb. 10th
  Freight Brokers & Freight Bids & Quotes....Agent Commissions
Feb. 8th
  Freedom Convoy 2022! I Got Covid.
Feb. 7th
  Should A Broker Factor Their Invoices? Yes? No? Maybe?
Jan. 20th
  FBTV Podcast - Social Media Marketing As A Freight Broker
Jan. 15th
  FBTV Podcast - Shipper Load Confirmations
Jan. 11th
  FBTV Video Podcast (Audio Only) January 7th, 2022
Jan. 7th
  FBTV Podcast For January 6th, 2022
Jan. 6th
  Happy New Year - First FBTV Podcast of 2022
Jan. 4th
  FBTV Podcast December 17, 2021 - White House Plan To Get More Drivers
Dec. 17th
  FBTV Podcast December 2, 2021 - The Holidays (freight and what to expect)
Dec. 2nd
  FBTV Podcast November 29, 2021 - Q & A
Nov. 29th
  FBTV Podcast November 11, 2021 - Veterans Day!
Nov. 11th
  FBTV Podcasts - November 5, 2021 - OPEC Tells Joe NO!
Nov. 5th
  FBTV Podcasts - October 28, 2021 - Port Problem? Not Because Of A Driver Shortage!
Oct. 28th
  FBTV Podcasts - October 6, 2021 - Semi Stowaway? Really?
Oct. 6th
  FBTV Podcast October 1, 2021 - Fuel Prices
Oct. 1st
  FBTV Podcast - The Vaccine Mandate
Sep. 14th
  FBTV Podcast - September 9th, 2021
Sep. 9th
  FBTV Podcast September 3,2021 - What Comes First, Load or Truck?
Sep. 3rd
  FBTV Podcast 8/26/21 - Vaccine Madates?
Aug. 26th
  FBTV Podcast - August 20, 2021
Aug. 20th
  FBTV Podcast - #1 New Broker Mistake
Aug. 12th
  FBTV Podcast Xtra - Sales Agents Vs. Broker Agents
Aug. 3rd
  FBTV Xtra - Autonomous Trucks
Jul. 30th
  FBTV Podcast - July 28, 2021
Jul. 28th