Expansive CEO
Episode 23: When Money Stories Collide with Hannah Chapman
  Episode 23: When Money Stories Collide with Hannah Chapman
Mar. 27th
  Episode 22: How To Use Money To Change The World With Laurie Seymour
Mar. 15th
  Episode 21: The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Failure - What it means for the US Economy with Brad Haines
Mar. 12th
  Episode 20: Finding Financial Stability, Ease, And Joy As An Entrepreneur - The ExpansiveCEO Process
Mar. 7th
  Episode 19: Investment Friday with Brad Haines
Mar. 3rd
  Episode 18: Your Money Story Matters with Melanie Klein
Mar. 1st
  Episode 17: What Makes A Great Financial Advisor with Kristin Printon, Lisa Sakai, and Jamie Hanson
Feb. 25th
  Episode 16: Aligning Your Business with Your Values with Monica Tuck
Feb. 21st
  Episode 15: Introducing Investment Fridays with Brad Haines
Feb. 10th
  Episode 14: Leaning in to JOYful Leadership with Jan "Joy" Hoath
Feb. 8th
  Episode 13: THE SPICY MONEY SERIES - Tying together Sex, Money, and Religion with Alex Pursglove and Jenn Germaine
Feb. 1st
  Episode 12: THE SPICY MONEY SERIES - Religion & Money with Alex Pursglove
Jan. 28th
  Episode 11: THE SPICY MONEY SERIES - Sex & Money with Dr. Nima Rahmany
Jan. 23rd
  Episode 10: Introducing the SPICY MONEY SERIES
Jan. 20th
  Episode 9: Memento Mori - What would you do with 10 more years?
Jan. 16th
  Episode 1: Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself
Jan. 5th
  Episode 5: Getting Your Heart Onto The Page...Without Writing a Word
Jan. 3rd
  Episode 4: Scaling and Selling, and Loving Life!
Jan. 2nd
  Episode 3: Building A Business With Maximum Heart And Impact
Jan. 2nd
  Episode 8: The Power of Unexpected Appreciation
Jan. 2nd
  Episode 6: Claiming Your Creativity in Business to Amplify Your Wealth
Jan. 2nd
  Episode 2: Know Your Worth to Build Your Wealth
Jan. 2nd
  Episode 7: How To Have It All Without Doing It All
Jan. 2nd