Face Life’s Chaos
What are your options?
  What are your options?
May. 13th
  I wanna know what love is
May. 6th
  No Pain, No Gain; Forgiveness is hard!
Apr. 29th
  Isn't War a massive waste?
Apr. 22nd
  Do we really need a moral compass?
Apr. 15th
  Peer Pressure is NOT your friend
Apr. 8th
  What earthly good is money?
Apr. 1st
  Wanna see things change? Get involved!
Mar. 25th
  Wanna be the best you can be?
Mar. 18th
  How far can you see into the future?
Mar. 11th
  Can you afford to gamble?
Mar. 4th
  I love hating hatred, don't you?
Feb. 26th
  Without commitment, you gonna fail!
Feb. 19th
  I would never lie to myself, woluld I?
Feb. 12th
  What can I do so my get up and go will get up and go?
Feb. 5th
  You're growing older; who you gonna be when you get there?
Jan. 29th
  Serving others is a blessing?
Jan. 22nd
  We're all Gonna Die!
Jan. 15th
  Why should I listen to you?
Jan. 9th
  How to talk yourself into a Positive Future
Nov. 20th
  My embarrasing self-talk malfunction
Nov. 14th
  Self Talk: Use your thoughts, control your reality
Nov. 6th
  It's all in your head: how self-talk guides your life
Oct. 30th
  Are you paying attention?
Oct. 23rd
  Forgiveness, hatred's nemesis
Oct. 16th
  Hating hatred is a good thing
Oct. 3rd
  Can you believe that?
Sep. 18th
  Staying Power
Sep. 11th
  Was it a Summer of Love?
Aug. 28th
  The "Haves" and the "Have nots"
Aug. 21st
  Interested in Money? Me, too!
Aug. 8th
  Do you have Trust Issues?
Jul. 31st
  One liners: More thoughts about life
Jul. 24th
  One liners to live by
Jul. 17th
  The Power of Pursuing your Goals: Achievement
Jul. 3rd
  Pivot: Changing Directions in Life
Jun. 27th
  So you Graduated; What's next?
Jun. 19th
  I Protest against Violent Protests
Jun. 13th
  Using Obstacles to get Ahead
Jun. 6th
  Bullies abound: Rise above
May. 29th
  Can we talk?
May. 15th
  Don't let your "friends" bring you down
May. 8th
  A true friend is a treasure
May. 1st
  The Secret I learned on a railroad track
Apr. 25th
  The ATM Caper
Apr. 17th
  Strengthened by My Weaknesses
Apr. 10th
  Putting an end to tragedy
Apr. 3rd
  Blame-shifting or "I did it"; which do you choose?
Mar. 27th
  Depression is Depressing; Fight Back
Mar. 20th
  The earthling’s guide to great living
Mar. 13th
  Is the Bible really from God?
Mar. 6th
  What should I do with advice?
Feb. 27th
  With integrity you win
Feb. 20th
  Overcoming Gun Violence
Feb. 13th
  Stand for What you Stand for
Feb. 7th
  The Power of Hope
Jan. 31st
  Fear Can't Hurt You
Jan. 23rd
  Responding to Setbacks
Jan. 9th
Jan. 3rd