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The Story Behind Visa's Demand
  The Story Behind Visa's Demand
Jun. 28th
  Bonjour from ISLA
Jun. 21st
  All the Love for Canada
May. 23rd
  Quick Hit with Team eSec
May. 13th
  Total Eclipse of the Pod
Apr. 16th
  Market Focused at PASLA
Mar. 15th
  Oh, the Places We’ll Go! Solving Pain Points and Enabling Efficiencies Along the Way
Mar. 1st
  Red Light, Green Light: Pulse on the Securities Financing Markets
Feb. 23rd
  We are at an Inflection Point
Feb. 5th
  Another Year Gone, Another Can’t-Miss Recap
Jan. 17th
  Year-End Recap and Happy in the New Year
Jan. 9th
  Wrapping it Up in 25 Words or Special-Less
Dec. 12th
  Increasing Transparency, SEC Rule 10c-1
Dec. 8th
  Life after AMC - What Happens to Revenue when Mega Specials Wind Down?
Oct. 18th
  RMA Pregame – More Mature, More Accelerated and Turning Up the Heat
Oct. 6th
  Battle Ready for Basel III Endgame - Part 2
Sep. 27th
  Battle Ready for Basel III Endgame - Part 1
Sep. 21st
  A Tale of Two Deal Names
Aug. 28th
  Making Lemonade: The Best Q2 in 15 Years
Jul. 17th
  Getting Ready for the SEC’s Proposed US Treasury Central Clearing Requirement
Jun. 26th
  Place Your Bids and Cast Your Votes
Jun. 5th
  Make Me Smart, Asks Jim . . .
May. 15th
  Firing on All Cylinders - Securities Lending Specials Activity Increases
May. 10th
  Anything but Boring
Apr. 6th
  Market Volatility Creates New Demand
Mar. 17th
  Drivers Behind the Best Securities Finance Revenues Since 2008 – Will They Continue into 2023?
Jan. 18th
  2023 Prediction: Indemnification and Disruption
Jan. 9th
  Deeper Insights Into the Data with EquiLend
Nov. 14th
  A Look Ahead to ISLA’s Annual Post Trade Conference
Oct. 31st
  Post RMA Recap - Getting in on the Huddle
Oct. 21st
  RMA is Back and Technology Solutions are Driving Real Market Change
Oct. 10th
  Swimming Against the Tide
Sep. 26th
  When Securities Lending has the Best Half-Year Performance in 14 years
Aug. 26th
  Specials Heating Up and Shifting Collateral, For the Moment
Jul. 11th
  Volumes are Up, Specials Make an Appearance, and RWA All the Time
Jun. 6th
  Competition Across Trading Desks
Apr. 12th
  Volatility is Here but so is Uncertainty
Mar. 15th
  IPO Lockup Expiration Supply and a Pick Up Elsewhere in Utilization
Feb. 14th
  And We’re Live. CSDR in Action. What’s Next?
Feb. 3rd
  Everything is Cyclical, but We Need More Than M&A
Jan. 21st
  The Quick Wrap on 2021
Dec. 21st
  The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Dec. 3rd
  Year-End Positioning and Checking In on Peer to Peer
Nov. 16th
  Bring On More Rights. Less Short Covering Please.
Nov. 8th
  Good Moods All Around
Oct. 27th
  CSDR: What Lenders Need to Know
Oct. 7th
  Playoffs for Fixed Income Securities Lending
Oct. 4th
  Ice Cream with Sprinkles
Oct. 1st
  Everything Under the Summer Sun – From Capital Raising Trades to New Business Talk
Aug. 26th
  So Much to Talk About, So Little Time
Jul. 12th
  Team eSec Opens Up the Huddle Again
Jun. 14th
  Capital Raises and Securities Lending
Apr. 26th
  Do You Want in On the Huddle
Apr. 15th
  US Treasury Lending: Don’t Underestimate the Dark Horse
Mar. 23rd
  Jim’s Return from Vacation and the Case of the Missing Shorts
Mar. 15th
  All About the Deal – An M&A Securities Lending Trade Opportunity
Feb. 25th
  Will 2021 Be the Year for New Markets?
Feb. 4th
  2021 Predictions by Jim
Jan. 20th
  Re-views and Pre-views - Final Analysis on 2020 and a Looking Glass into 2021
Dec. 9th
  Pulse Check on the Securities Lending Market
Nov. 13th
  Aligning Securities Lending with Proxy & ESG Priorities
Oct. 15th
  What Matters to Lenders
Sep. 21st
  What Matters to Borrowers
Sep. 14th
  Back Together Again
Aug. 19th
  Interview with OPERS and SWIB on GPFA Formation
Aug. 10th
  SFTR: Today’s the Day, Phase 1 & 2
Jul. 10th
  Cash Collateral Reinvestment Considerations
Jul. 2nd
  Transparency, Reporting, and Performance Measurement in Securities Lending
Jun. 23rd
  Pandemic Check In – Securities Lending Picking Up Momentum
Jun. 17th
  Corporate Bond Lending Market
Jun. 4th
  Why We Are Optimistic About Securities Lending Going Forward
May. 14th
  Harmoniously Co-Existing: Sustainable Finance and Securities Lending
May. 4th
  What’s Top of Mind Today? For Borrowers, Clients and Agent Lending Traders
Apr. 23rd
  ETFs – Securities Lending Perspectives
Apr. 15th
  New Securities Lending Markets
Apr. 9th
  State of Specials
Apr. 6th
  SFTR Update
Mar. 31st
  Quarter-End for Securities Lending during COVID-19
Mar. 31st
  Short Selling Bans
Mar. 27th
  Uncharted Territory: Securities Lending Adjusting to New Market Environment
Mar. 26th