Episode 72 - Remember The Masters

Episode 72 - Remember The Masters

Continuting social distancing, the 3 Under Par Crew is here to discuss The Masters. Because the Coronavirus has prevented The Masters from happening this year, we remember The Masters of old. We discuss which ones were our personal favorites, best moments, and more. We also answer some of your questions in Outside the Ropes. Remember that #littlewhiteballislife

(0:00) Intro and Golf Stories

(6:30) The Masters that never was.. CBS Shows Old Masters

(7:30) Reliving the 2005 Masters

(9:45) What are the Top 3 Masters in your opinion?

(12:32) Replaying the 2019 Masters Tournament

(14:16) Why Rory will never The Masters

(18:48) The legendary chip in on 16 at the '05 Masters

(20:48) The 1986 Masters

(21:43) Outside The Ropes... How does Augusta National match up against other courses, Jail time for golf, who is the putt putt champion of 3 Under Par

(34:45) Closing

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