Art Wunderful Ep. 13 - Leggo my Ego

Art Wunderful Ep. 13 - Leggo my Ego

Episode 13 – Leggo my Ego

Have you ever had just one of those weeks where the universe seems to be saying, “Yeah, sorry, it's not gonna be your week.”

Two weeks ago happened to be one of those weeks for me as I experienced a number of minor arts related setbacks. I was all set to chat about those setbacks in episode 13 when lo and behold, a forth setback decided to put the icing on that cake of disappointments. I flat out lost my voice and was unable to talk, let alone record the episode, until just the other day.

Chalk it up to the #13 or the art gods saying, time for a break. Whatever the case, I'm back this week with that infamous 13th episode. In it I talk about those minor setbacks and my perspective on disappointments and how I handle them when it comes to my art business.

I hope you enjoy and Cheers!

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