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All things equestrian podcast hosted by two adult amateur riders, Miranda and Julia. Bringing over 20 years of experience in the horse industry to your headphones. Join us as we discuss hot debates, our ride-or-die favorite products, plus our learning experiences along the way. 

So You Want to be a Trainer..

Being a trainer, or even a groom, sounds like a glamorous career right? You get to ride all you want, be your own boss (sometimes), and spend your entire day at the barn. It doesn't get any better than that right?

But, to be a professional in the horse industry takes a very special person. And, to be honest, it isn't for everyone.

If you've always dreamed of a job in the horse industry, in today's episode you'll find advice for how to find your place and how to know if being a trainer is right for you!


Winter Survival Guide

Ice, wind, snowstorms, oh my! Winter is in full swing here in the Northeastern United States. After the holidays most trainers load up their trailers, load their horses on commercial haulers, and head to sunny Florida for the worst of the winter months.

Then there is the rest of us.

Those of us who stay tough out the cold winter weather, but it comes with its own set of challenges. In this episode you'll find a winter survival guide:

*What is Better? Wool or Fleece Coolers?

*Wool Cooler Care

*How to Combat Static

*Important Health Concerns to Keep in Mind

*Best Winter Boots for at the Barn (Dover not longer has the boots I mentioned available - sorry!)

P.S. We didn't address clipping on this episode because we've discussed it before! Click Here for the Clip or Not to Clip Episode.


How Do You Choose the Perfect Bit?

We're back! In this episode, hear us discuss how to figure out which bit you should try and how to even know where to start...

I'll also share all about my first experience with a safety vest.

Plus, we're talking training tools. The good, the bad, and the ugly.


Live the Equestrian Dream

This week we are joined by equestrian life coach, Jenna Knudsen! In this episode, Jenna is going to share a few simple habits that can make a huge impact on your life (and you can start them right now) plus how she has created a community of supportive riders that is for anyone!

Click Here to Learn More from Jenna and Get Your Planner!


To Clip or Not to Clip?

That is the question! With days getting shorter and coats getting longer it is time to decide - are you body clipping your horse or staying wooly for the winter? We're talking about the pros and cons of each and what to consider in your decision!


Helmet Safety, Green Horses, and School Buses

This week we are answering some listener questions on things like the best helmets for showing and what is a school show? Plus sharing Miranda's first horse show experience with Gerti!


When to Say Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy, but having a plan in place can help you make the right decision for you and your horse in the case of an emergency. We're chatting about the importance of putting the horse's health and welfare first. Plus Miranda shares her first experience off the farm at a horse show with her green horse, Gerti!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCMENT: Canter Banter is hosting a Costume Class! Tag us on social or send your submission via email to [email protected] and be entered to win horse treats! Contest closes 11/2 and we will announce the winner in our 11/3 episode!


Preparing for Fall

Leaves turn color, temperatures cool down, and horses turn into kites. Welcome to Fall, the three months before winter aka our favorite season. Back in the spring, we did a checklist to get ready for the upcoming summer season so this episode we'll be sharing our tips for winding down for fall. Whether you are preparing to go south or braving the cold somewhere take a listen! Also, you can click here to get our saddle fitting guide!


Power of Saying "No"

We're self proclaimed people pleasers - we do anything and everything to make those around us happy, and I think this is a trait amongst so many equestrians.

In this episode we want you to feel empowered to say no when it comes to committments, things you aren't sure about, and to maintain you and your horse's confidence.

You can click here to read the blog I mentioned about balancing the aspects of life as an adult amateur!


Safe Sport and George Morris

Victims of sexual assualt and misconduct finally have a voice thanks to Safe Sport from US Equestrian but when one of the industry's most renowned trainer is in the hot seat we as equestrians all need to take a step back and look out for one another.

We won't be reporting on whether or not we think George is guilty of what he's been accused for - that isn't our job. Instead, we'll be sharing our thoughts about how we, together as a community, can keep our sport fun and safe for everyone.

For more information on Safe Sport, click here.

In this week's rant we're on a roll about saddle standards and what you need to look out for because what you think you are ordering might not be what you are actually recieving...go to for the picutures mentioned in this episode!

P.S. We also mentioned the book about 'suffering in silence' and misspoke that was a book by Dr. Joyce Harman but it is actually Jochen Schleese's book on saddle fitting!


A Hunter Rider Walks Into a Jumper Ring

What happens when a dedicated hunter rider walks into the jumper ring? Find out on this episode of the podcast where I'll be sharing my first experience in the jumper ring after spending many years in Hunterland.


How to Become a Saddler

Scotland, leather work, and all things saddles on this episode of the podcast. We're FINALLY debriefing from Miranda's saddle making course in Scotland.

We'll be bantering about what it was like traveling to a foreign country solo, the importance of a well constructed saddle, and what you should look for next time you are in the market for a saddle.


Barefoot Versus Shod

Should your horse be barefoot or should you put shoes on him? What are the disadvantages and advantages to each?

We're sharing our thoughts from the viewpoint of the horse owner and having dealt with this very struggle with our own horses. Listen now and join the conversation at


Are Horse People Weird?

We pay a lot of money to get dirty in our most expensive clothes, give up social lives, and can never seem to get enough of the smell of horse manure.

'Horse people' seem to be a breed of their own, in this episode we're talking about what it means to be a part of this crazy equestrian life.

P.S. We've also started a book club! Click Here to Watch the First Episode.


What You Need to Know About Pony Finals

Pony rides aren't just for fairs, our special guest this week Sarah Flynn gives us an insider's look at the competitive world of qualifying for Pony Finals.


Get Your Confidence Back

If we are being really honest, riding horses can be really scary sometimes. Any bad experience we have in the saddle can leave us feeling less confident and thinking about all the 'what ifs'. In this episode we are squashing the stigma and saying why it is okay to not always 'get back on the horse'.



Finding the Right Horse Trainer

Finding the right trainer and program for your horse can be really difficult! In this episode we will be sharing our tips on making sure you have the right guidance.


How to Handle Riding Challenges

Imagine you are on a 10 and under soccer team, but your team is completely comprised of other plays that speak languages other than your native tongue. Now, you have to coordinate the team to try to win the game...wouldn't that be a challenge? 

It really isn't all that different than our challenges we face riding, working with a teammate (much larger than us too) how doesn't understand our language. When our communication is unclear, or if the horse has something going on that he is unable to communicate we can face some pretty big frustrations in our riding. 

Every rider from time to time hits a point of frustration but in today's video we want to help you work through 4 simple steps to getting to the next level!


The Devon Horse Show: 123 Years and Counting

Lemon sticks, elaborate hats, Ladies Day, and perfectly groomed horses. Where else could I be on Memorial Day week besides Devon Pennsylvania.

The Devon Horse Show has been running for the last 123 years. Three years ago the show introduced Arena Eventing, which has quickly become one of our favorite events the show hosts throughout the week-long schedule of hunters, jumpers, driving, and saddle-seat.

In this episode of the podcast we're talking all about Devon, when we first fell in love with it and what keeps us going back year after year.


CBD Oil for Horses

Do you have a spooky horse? Is every plastic bag or moving object around the corner ruining your ride? We've got some tips for you, including one you might not have heard of before CBD oil. CDB has a huge following but it has been banned from use in competition horses. On this week's show we have Olivia Otto founder of Horse CBD sharing some of her personal experience with the oil, plus the benefits it could have for your horse!


Dogs at the Barn PLUS Mental Health for Equestrians

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and being involved in what can be a stressful sport, even at the lower levels, we wanted to discuss the importance of maintaining your mental health. We'll be sharing some tips to keep your mental game strong, but if you ever feel like your barely keeping your head above water reach out to someone like the National Alliance on Mental Health.

On a more cheerful note, we are also talking dogs at the barn. Should you leave your dog at home or does your trusty companion go everywhere with you? There has been a recent increase in negative interactions between horse and dogs in a variety of cases - from the Land Rover 3-Day Event, to a trail in New Jersey, to a farm in North Carolina. Our advise? Know your dog and keep your pooch and your horse safe.


How to Find the Right Boarding Barn

Finding the right boarding barn or lesson program can be overwhelming experience, in this episode of the podcast we are breaking down our tips for the most important aspects to keep in mind when searching for your new barn 'family' and 'home'.

P.S. Did you know that new Apple Watch's provide fall protection? This could be a huge game changer for those of us who ride alone! Read all about it by clicking here.


Why Microchip Your Horse? Plus Tips for Staying Alive in the Schooling Arena

Join us for an interview with Bill from Microchip ID on the benefits of microchipping your horse, even if you don't show! Click here to learn more about how you can get Microchip ID Equine for your horse.

GoT fan? You know what is more treacherous than fighting the dead at Winterfell? The schooling arena. We'll be sharing our tips to staying safe amongst the craziness. 


Why We Should Care About Horsemanship?

Have we lost sight of what is most important in the equestrian sport? Is it more important to be a good rider or a good horse(wo)man? Plus, we'll be sharing our thoughts on whether or not bitless is really a gentler alternative to riding with a bit.


Get Ready to Show Plus Tack Cleaning Tips

Nothing to it but to do it! We're breaking down what you need to do to get ready for the first show of the season (for those of us who weren't lucky enough to go south), including how you can make showing more affordable by purchasing your clothes on consignment from places like Tried Equestrian. Plus sharing tips on how to best care for your tack from Miranda! She's also going to be sharing her favorite cleaning products, like  Passier Lederbalsam for conditioning and how goats milk soap can be a great addition to your regiment!!


The Welfare of Racehorses, Saddle Recalls, and a Foal Shower

In the 4th episode of the podcast we are discussing the recent chain of deaths at the Santa Anita Racetrack and what officials are doing to make changes, a Weatherbeeta Saddle Recall, and an Arabian mare that got the nicest baby shower we've ever seen!


Spring Cleaning For Equestrians

You've survived another winter. The days are getting warmer and longer. Everything you own is covered in horse hair, it has become part of your diet and you've ingested more of it than actual food this week. It is in every corner of your house, your car, and you even find it at your desk. Spring is arrived. It is time to clean the winter crud off of everything and get ready for show season or hitting the trails! But where do you even start?! We're breaking down all the tips and tricks we've collected over the years to help you take what might feel like an overwhelming chore into a non-fuss afternoon at the barn


Chiropractic for Sport Horses, Ill-Fitting Tack, and Grooming Greys

​In this episode of Canter Banter we're sharing out takeaways after attending a talk with a veterinary chiropractor. PLUS a picture that has taken over the horse-related Facebook groups of the internet and the importance of waiting until you know the full story to pass judgement on someone's riding and training. We'll also be answering a listener's question on how to keep grey horses clean for shows!


Ethics of Training Jumpers and Drug Use at Horse Shows

After a recent trip to HITS Ocala we're discussing the ethics of unusual horse training tactics and the use of drugs at horse shows.