I Know I'm Not Too Ghetto! Ep. 502

I Know I'm Not Too Ghetto! Ep. 502

Channy is out with a cold so it's just Q and AyJay. This week got into Ghetto, and is I'm too ghetto. Or is it just been about respectability politics. Talk to us down in the comments below and tell us what some of your thoughts are about these events. What are some of your favorite moments? Comment Below.

Music of the Week:

Million Shades of Grey- Dre Scot- https://youtu.be/MvDdwX8i_xs?si=UewBgDwtReATrSHr

Feelings (Live)- Dre Scott- https://youtu.be/rew1_iv5NHo?si=jxVrC47y3vKOoerL

Tired (Live) – Todd Galberth - https://youtu.be/xmgZi3w-ies?si=4tvLZ-4jzIQGzFqV

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