Ohhh Kinky EP.204

Ohhh Kinky EP.204

Uhh so like Channy and Q are school AyJay on Kinks! Did ya'll know how complex this is?! It's such an interesting subject so buckle up!!! Let's talk about it. Comment below or talk to us on IG!

Here's the songs from Music of the week:

Underground- Cody Fry- https://youtu.be/Jy1K8N7GDwg

Hella Black- Tobe Nwigwe- https://youtu.be/Exk31gDdxss

Long Ears – Gabriel Garzon - https://youtu.be/ZBpVuA0O2bA

Code Switching is essential to everyday lives...especially when you're black! We explore those things in every aspect, Mental health, Entertainment, and Corporate America. Oh, not to mention we're both natural.

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