Coffee, Compliance and Chuckleheads

Coffee, Compliance and Chuckleheads

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Eric Rubenstein, Jordan Johnson and Sean M. Weiss have come together to bring you an unfiltered and unabashed look into a variety of healthcare issues taking center stage, creating chaos and driving payer claw backs! These podcasts run in duration from 30 min to 90 minutes. You can listen in one sitting or throughout the day when it's convenient for you. With a combined 75+ years of healthcare experience both in government and private sectors the depth and breadth of knowledge the guys bring to a show is unapparelled in the industry.

The show does from time to time contain political commentary since politics can and often does impact the healthcare industry... The show may also contain language that some may find offensive but at all times the guys do their best to keep things PG!

Finally, the companies/organizations the guys work for are not affiliated with this podcast in any way shape or form and as such they bear no liability or responsibility for any statements, comments, opinions or depictions that take place during a show.