Episode 23 - Lucius Baston - On Manifesting Dreams, Being Successful on Set & More

Episode 23 - Lucius Baston - On Manifesting Dreams, Being Successful on Set & More

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Queens NY native Lucius Baston joins me for the 23rd episode of The Creation Grounds. We discuss Confidence and how to develop it, & the fan favorite character Ahmed White from Donald Glover's FX series Atlanta.

Lucius has a lengthly resume as a producer and actor. Some of his more notable roles include is his role opposite Donald Glover in FX's Atlanta, a role in Mara Brock Akil's "Love Is and most recently has been featured on HBO's LoveCraft Country. He's currently filming "The Underground Railroad" Gerard Doucette on Stan against Evil and has been featured on Blindspot on NBC. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree because his son is a series regular on Tyler Perry's Young Dylan.


Some Questions I Ask:

Greatest lesson his parents taught him and how it benefits him today? (:28)

On being shy and how he broke through it (1:19)

On manifesting and how to do it (2:58)

Manifesting for people who may have trauma or have a hard time being positive? (4:08)

Top 3 books? (5:18)

On starting acting and not knowing what a headshot was (5:55)

On starting acting later in life and steps he took to book (7:30)

3 business tips to bring to an artistic career (9:30)

On working with Donald Glover on FX's Atlanta (10:57)

Advice for behavior on set? (12:20)

On his BTS webseries project and other projects (13:21)

Who's the first person you think of when you hear the word "creative"? (17:20)

What's your favorite album and what song speaks to your soul? (18:20)


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