Episode 25 - Jowin Batoon - On Marvel's Iron Fist, Success of Crazy Rich Asians & More

Episode 25 - Jowin Batoon - On Marvel's Iron Fist, Success of Crazy Rich Asians & More

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Queens NY Jowin Batoon joins me for the 25th episode of The Creation Grounds. We discuss her role in Marvel's Iron Fist and the success of the hit Crazy, Rich Asians.

Jowin's work has been seen opposite Aziz Ansari in Master of none in the film Inside the Rain featuring Eric Roberts and Rosie Perez, Law and Order and NCIS. She was born in the Philippines and shortly after moved to Queens NY.


Some Questions I Ask:

On being raised in NY? (2:12)

A life defining key moment in her life? (3:58)

Memories of the Philippines (5:04)

How long did it take you to learn English? (7:15)

What's one thing you wish people knew about Phillipine culture? (7:40)

Most proud accomplishment up to date? (9:08)

On gratitude (10:52)

Tell me about the day you decided to act (11:17)

On her Martial Arts training (13:54)

On booking Marvel's Iron Fist (15:49)

What can we expect from your character Torx? (17:18)

Any dream collaborations (19:10)

Celeb crushes? (20:15)

On what Crazy Rich Asians' success meant to her (20:48)

On being on set for Master of None (22:36)

What are 2 things actors can do today to move their career forward (24:00)

How can people contact you (25:50)

When you think of the word creative who is the first to come to mind and why? (26:05)


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