Episode 26 - James Tang - On Star Wars, Fortnite, Creating a Character & Asian Representation

Episode 26 - James Tang - On Star Wars, Fortnite, Creating a Character & Asian Representation

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Thaliand born James Tang joins me for the 26th episode of The Creation Grounds. We discuss gaming, his international influence, his hopes for the future of diversity in Hollywood and more.

James's work has been featured on Brooklyn Nine Nine, NCIS: Los Angelos, Bosch and many others.


Some Questions I Ask:

Who has had the most influence in his life and why? (:57)

On growing up in Thailand? Cultural differences (2:34)

International schooling (4:00)

How international schooling has influenced his art (4:30)

About the day he decided to become an actor. (5:23)

Favorite actors or movies growing up? (7:27)

Star Wars (8:00)

Process of bringing characters to life (8:27)

Spirit Animal (9:45)

On deciding to write and create his own content (10:27)

FortNite or World of Warcraft? (12:56)

His thoughts on future of asian representation in Hollywood (14:12)

On advice for people looking for their first TV role (16:38)

Business tips for artists. Merging show & business (19:40)

If he had a motto that could be on a billboard what would it be? (21:02)

On current projects (22:20)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind and why (25:11)

Where can people connect with you? (25:53)


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