Episode 27 - Aamira Martinez - Actor Burnout, Mental Health, & Woman Empowerment

Episode 27 - Aamira Martinez - Actor Burnout, Mental Health, & Woman Empowerment

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Short: Adulting

Cuban american Aamira Martinez joins me for the 27th episode of The Creation Grounds. We discuss

Aamira's work has been featured on The Blacklist, When They See Us and she's created her own work called Adulting. Link up above.


Some Questions I Ask:

Who has had the most influence in his life and why? (1:37)

On how she got interested in the arts (4:27)

Favorite director (7:09)

On When They See Us set (9:10)

On her role in "When They See Us" (10:04)

How does Ava Durverney work with actors? (11:23)

The most empowering role that she's ever played (12:28)

Where she trained (14:37)

On her involvement in "The Casting Call" project (15:07)

3 books she's gifted the most in the past year (17:04)

What would she do to enhance visibility and empowerment of women in the industry? (19:04)

On projects she's written and creating 3 dimensional characters (21:42)

Happiest moment for you this year in 2019 (23:40)

What motto would you plaster on a billboard (24:46)

On Actor Burnout, actor productivity (26:44)

Difference between busy work but not being productive (29:42)

Most challenging thing for her this year and how it's made her grow (33:40)

3 things actors can do to take care of their mental health? (37:04)

Things women can do to empower themselves in the industry (39:54)

What's next and what can we look out for? (42:44)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind and why? (46:44)

Where can people connect with you? (48:54)


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