Episode 29 - Brian Mcmanoman - Prep for Grad Acting Auditions, Clayface on Gotham & Craft

Episode 29 - Brian Mcmanoman - Prep for Grad Acting Auditions, Clayface on Gotham & Craft

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Yale MFA grad Brian Mcmanamon chats about his stint as Clayface on Gotham, his Yale audition experience, the top 3 things he sees actors struggle with in MFA acting auditions, craft and his upcoming projects.

Brian Mcmanamon's work has been featured on Gotham as Clayface, The Subject, & upcoming project The Path. He coaches actors for individual project and also is an expert coach for actors looking to apply for MFA programs.


Some Questions I Ask:

Who has had the most influence in his life and why? (1:39)

What was the moment when you decided you wanted a life in the arts? (6:52)

Leaving Minnesota to come to east coast (8:00)

Leaving Boston University and deciding to get MFA (10:00)

Most memorable MFA audition moment (11:08)

Book you've gifted the most? (12:35)

If you could work with any actor dead or alive who would it be and why? (14:22)

On Inspirations (15:55)

Breaking down scenes and creating character? (18:00)

On creation of Clayface on Gotham (20:11)

Top challenges you see actors struggle with in preparation for grad school (24:13)

What are you currently working on and what do you desire to work on next? (29:12)

What would the new you say to the old you? (31:22)

What have you learned from teaching that helps you in your own craft? (34:31)

How can people get coaching or sign up for your MFA prep class? (41:17)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind and why? (41:52)


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