Episode 31 - Sean Freeman - On ATL vs NYC Acting Market, Service & Frat Life

Episode 31 - Sean Freeman - On ATL vs NYC Acting Market, Service & Frat Life

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Alabama born Sean Freeman and proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity joins me for the 31st episode of The Creation Grounds. We discuss frat life, his commitment to service, maximizing gifts and the differences between the Atlanta and NY acting market.


Some Questions I Ask:

Tell us about where you are from (1:47)

What do you love most about having grown up in Alabama (2:20)

Favorite memory growing up? (3:35)

Siblings (4:45)

Top 5 movies? (5:00)

On Alpha Phi Alpha and community service? (6:30)

Day he pledged and how it's impacted his life and those around him. (8:00)

The appeal of Alpha Phi Alpha (10:15)

Goal or lofty dream you have? (11:46)

What are you most proud of in your life right now (12:48)

About the day he decided he wanted to act? (14:55)

Pros and cons of ATL vs NY acting market. (16:30)

Does having activities outside of acting make you a better actor and why? (19:30)

What does black boy joy mean to you? (21:30)

If you could put a motto on a billboard what would it say? (22:41)

On preparation for his role of Sam (23:25)

What do you want to work on in the future? What are you currently working on? (25:06)

When you think of the word creative who is the first to come to mind and why? (27:29)

On music video he shot with Dee Baines (28:08)

Where can people connect with you? (29:19)


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