Episode 32 - Idriss Alison Konteh - On Failing, Leaving Job for Passion, Social Media & Comedy

Episode 32 - Idriss Alison Konteh - On Failing, Leaving Job for Passion, Social Media & Comedy

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Idriss Alison Konteh joins me for the 32nd episode of The Creation Grounds. We discuss social media and building your following. He has 70K followers on IG including but not limited to Tiffany Haddish. We chat failure, how he left his job for his passion and comedy.


Some Questions I Ask:

On his name? (1:45)

Favorite memory growing up in the Bronx? (2:04)

Funniest person he's met (2:38)

One thing his audience doesn't know about him that he wishes they did? (3:25)

What does failure mean to you? How do you bounce back? (4:18)

Huge setback that happened that in retrospect actually ended up being a big blessing? (5:30)

On the decision to quit his good paying job to live his passion (7:45)

On IdrissTV (12:13)

On moment he realized his youtube channel was doing well (viral) (14:20)

On his first sketch and his growth since then (17:30)

His process of creating sketches. (18:30)

On Legacy and message (20:11)

Why are studios and hollywood embracing social media? (21:37)

What are the steps for someone with 0 content, but wants to start, to build and nurture their audience (22:40)

What holds people back from creating content (25:56)

When you think of the word creative who is the first to come to mind and why? (27:35)


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