Episode 33 - Sarah Saltzberg - Financial Literacy for Artists & How Real Estate changed her Artistic Career

Episode 33 - Sarah Saltzberg - Financial Literacy for Artists & How Real Estate changed her Artistic Career

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Tony winner, performer, writer, producer & co-founder of Bohemia Realty Group Sarah Saltzberg joins for the 1st part of this 3 part series of financial literacy for artists.

Sarah discusses her first 6 months in NYC after graduating Boston University, favorite stage door moments from Broadway's production of Putnam Spelling Bee, the moments leading up to the creation of Bohemia Realty Group, why she initially wanted to separate her artistic and real estate career, why artists could be great in real estate, tips on getting started and words of advice for artists in their artistic career.


Some Questions I Ask:

Describe her childhood with a musical or a musical moment (2:02)

BFA experience at Boston University (4:02)

What was first year in NYC after grad school like? (5:45)

The moments leading up to the creation of the Real Estate firm Bohemia Realty Group (7:22)

Top 2 memories from Tony winning Putnam Spelling Bee? (11:28)

How did acting skills inform your real estate and vice versa (14:45)

Why did you want to separate your artistic career from real estate career (18:30)

Advantages artists have over a traditional real estate agent (20:30)

How can Bohemia Realty Group help artists who want to get started in real estate? (22:30)

How has investing in herself impacted those around her (23:45)

What are you currently working on (26:05)

3 things artists interested in real estate should know? (27:30)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind and why? (28:50)


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