Episode 34 - Brian Letendre - Broadway & Parellel Careers with Real Estate

Episode 34 - Brian Letendre - Broadway & Parellel Careers with Real Estate

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Julliard MFA grad, Broadway performer/dancer, real estate agent Brian Letendre joins me for the 2nd part of this 3 part series of financial literacy for artists.

This is the 2nd part of the 3 part series on financial literacy, and how balancing acting and real estate can lead to that for any artists interested in real estate. Brian discusses the top 2 lessons from Julliard that he still applies to his career today, the moments leading up to his Broadway debut, how real estate can serve your artistic career and 3 things an artist should know prior to getting involved with real estate the good, bad and ugly.


Some Questions I Ask:

How he developed his interest in the arts (1:48)

If a choreographer made an interpretive piece to represent his life who would it be and why? (2:41)

Top lessons that he keeps with him today from Julliard? (3:40)

First months out of Julliard in NYC (5:06)

Tell me about the moments leading up to Broadway debut (6:45)

Favorite stage door memory (9:10)

Tell me about the moments leading up to Bohemia Realty Group (10:24)

Why do artists have such an aversion to real estate? (11:55)

What advantages does an artist have over traditional real estate agent (13:58)

How can Bohemia Realty help an artist in real estate (15:25)

3 pieces of advice for artists (17:08)

What skill can real estate give to an artist concerning their artistic career (18:08)

What are you currently aiming for in your real estate career and artistic career (19:35)

What are 3 pieces of advice for artists wanting to get into real estate (22:17)

For artists not intersted in real estate but inspired by your career what piece of advice would you give them? (24:10)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind and why? (26:10)


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