Episode 36 - Benja K Thomas - Creating Character, Belief, & Smiling Through it All

Episode 36 - Benja K Thomas - Creating Character, Belief, & Smiling Through it All

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________ Obie award winning actress Benja Thomas joins me for the 36th episode of The Creation Grounds. Benja was most recently seen in the production of "Halfway Bitches Go Straight To Heaven." by Stephen Adly Guirgis. We talk about her brief interest in wanting to be a nun, growing up in Harlem, belief in yourself before anybody else believes, her process of creating a character for a new play, working with Guirgis & much more! ________ Some Questions I Ask: Background in Photography? (2:00) How does your photography influence your acting and vice versa? (2:57) Growing up in Harlem (3:38) Interest in being a nun? (5:20) Tell me about the moment or the moments leading up to wanting to be an actor (6:50) Beautiful art? (8:45) Writing during Covid-19? (10:35) What is it to believe in yourself before others believe in you (12:00) Developing believe before evidence of results (14:00) On process of creating her character in Halfway Bitches by Stephen Adly Guirgis? (16:33) On her Obie winning experience? (20:25) What makes you smile the most right now? (23:25) Motto in Times Square (24:01) Projects working on now or in future? (25:35) When you think of the word creative who comes to mind for you and why? (27:09) ____________

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