Episode 37 - Stephen Adly Guirgis - Writing Process, Writing Tangibles & Intangibles, & New Work

Episode 37 - Stephen Adly Guirgis - Writing Process, Writing Tangibles & Intangibles, & New Work

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Episode 37 of Creation Grounds features Pulitzer prize winning playwright/actor Stephen Adly Guirgis who most recently wrote "Halfway Bitches Go Straight To Heaven." His work has been seen on Broadway with the production of "The Motherf*cker with the Hat" with Chris Rock & Bobby Cannavale and he's been a member of Labyrinth Theater Company since the beginning.

He's co-created Netflix's "The Get Down" with Baz Luhrmann and has an amazing catalogue of plays that are performed nationally and internationally on 5 continents. As an actor, he's been featured in projects like "Birdman" and can be seen in an upcoming Laker's project that has yet to be released. And to top it off he's a dope, authentic, down to earth tell it like it is human being. We talk about his writing process, how to get through writer's block, how a writer can mentally and emotionally prepare for the the differences/similarities in writing for the stage or TV if TV is something a writer is interested in, tangible and intangible things actors can work on to improve their craft, the beginning days of Labyrinth Theater Company, ideal traits he'd love in a director who directs his work, his experience on "The Get Down", the genesis of his latest project "Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven" and much much more. Enjoy this amazing interview with Guirgis.


Some Questions I Ask:

What question he wishes interviews started with that they never or rarely do? (4:12)

What he is currently listening to? (4:44)

A piece of art that was a major influence in his life. (6:34)

What led up to the moment of him wanting to do plays (7:45)

What is the most challenging part of writing? (10:30)

What do you enjoy most about writing? (16:13)

Describe a moment of writer's block and how he overcomes it (17:52)

On the orgins of LAByrinth Theater (22:39)

What are 2 traits he would want in a director that directs his work (26:15)

Differences of writing for theater vs TV (29:15)

His experience working on "The Get Down"? (34:25)

On Philip Seymour Hoffman's influence on his acting (39:30)

Acting Tangibles & Intangible's. Can an ungifted actor become gifted? Or is it God given (43:57)

Favorite role and why (44:18)

What's it mean to truly support those around you? (47:28)

Favorite word (47:50)

Least favorite word (48:10)

Book he's gifted the most (48:20)

On Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven (49:07)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind and why? (54:13)

Where can people connect with you? (56:17)


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