Episode 41 - Pernell Walker - Grad School, Her Career, & On helpful words for actors

Episode 41 - Pernell Walker - Grad School, Her Career, & On helpful words for actors

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South Bronx native Pernell Walker holds her M.F.A from Actors Studio Drama School and joins me for the 41st episode of The Creation Grounds. We discuss Pernell has steadily been working and has been in the Sundance Film Festival short "Pariah" directed by Dee Rees. She's been featured in Ava Duverney's "When They See Us" and "The Deuce" on HBO. Look out for her in future projects that she can't speak about just yet.


Some Questions I Ask:

Growing up in South Bronx (1:52)

Earliest acting memory(2:57)

On college and grad school (10:39)

What advice would she give a freshman version of herself with the knowledge she has now? (13:23)

First year out of grad school (18:01)

On booking Pariah and being on set (21:53)

Lessons on set (26:03)

Experience on Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven (28:17)

Book she's gifted the most in the past year (29:54)

Movie that has resonated with her the most in last year? (33:54)

Role she is most proud of (35:30)

What she loves most about acting (36:10)

What she is working on right now (39:10)

When she thinks of the word creative who comes to mind and why (41:37)

Where can people connect with you? (42:04)


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