Episode 43 - Jacob Evans - On Depression, Addiction & Healing

Episode 43 - Jacob Evans - On Depression, Addiction & Healing

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West Virgina born Jake Evans was an all state jazz musician in high school and studied law at WVU College of Law, receiving honors such as Student Body Vice President, Student Governor, Academic Advisor, serving as Chairman of the Board of Governors, Outstanding delegate three times over for the National Model United Nations conferences, just to name a few. He graduated with honors from WVU with a BA in Political Science and Philosophy for his undergrad.

Jacob struggled with depression and attempted suicide at 11 and later struggled with substance abuse. His 2nd year in law school he decided to go through the journey of healing. He now has a passion for helping others do the same. Jacob uses his intimate knowledge of substance abuse, personal development strategies, life skills, and unique interventions to assist others in any facet of life they wish to improve upon. Jacob has helped individuals and their families combat addictions and other life struggles for 3 years. Jacob provides the guiding hand and structural framework that will result in anyone taking hold of their lives and becoming their truest selves.


Some Questions I Ask:

Tell me about your early years and where you grew up (2:57)

On music and his high school years (8:49)

On first use (12:25)

On depression early and life and attempted suicide (12:58)

What are qualities of an addictive personality and how can one get in front of severe addiction if they have that kind of personality (16:40)

What causes addiction? (17:59)

Beliefs/myths held by people who aren't addicted about people who do suffer from addiction (20:05)

More details about his first use with context & pretext (24:32)

What was the thing that led to the decision for him to be sober (32:53)

How he got sober and how others can. On Cognitive Restructuring (43:10)

What resources can those struggling with addiction or people who have loved ones struggling with addiction tap into? (46:50)

What he's passionate about (50:48)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind and why? (54:15)

How can people connect with you? (57:35)


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