Episode 47 - Moses Ingram – On Baltimore, Yale, Queens Gambit & Advice to Women of Color in Entertainment Industry

Episode 47 - Moses Ingram – On Baltimore, Yale, Queens Gambit & Advice to Women of Color in Entertainment Industry

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Baltimore native and Yale Drama School Grad Moses Ingram joins me for the 47th episode of The Creation Grounds. We discuss Baltimore, what's on her spotfiy playlist, her advice to women of color in the entertainment industry, Queens Gambit, the creation of her character Jolene and her upcoming project playing Lady Macduff alongside Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand, Corey Hawkins & more in the upcoming Shakespeare film "Macbeth" directed by Joel Coen.

Moses can currently be seen playing Beth's best friend in Netflix's Queens Gambit.


Some Questions I Ask:

On her interest in acting? (2:05)

What inspires you? (3:09)

On music she is listening to (3:58)

Whats the last play, movie, tv show that moved you? (5:00)

On Baltimore and how it's shaped her (6:05)

On graduation from Yale and how she felt (8:30)

On challenges and differences between the classroom and first time being on set (9:40)

On her audition process for "Queen's Gambit" (11:03)

What were some of the challenges and triumphs of being on set (12:00)

On creating the character "Jolene" in "Queen's Gambit" (14:10)

Favorite chess board piece? (15:43)

What book have you gifted the most in the past year? (16:15)

Best $100 you've spent (17:04)

What advice would you give women of color in the entertainment industry? (17:58)

What do you believe today that you didn't believe 5 years ago? (20:00)

On her upcoming project "Macbeth" slated for release 2021 (21:45)

Most valuable thing she's learned from her co-stars (22:58)

What she desires to do next? (25:03)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind and why? (26:03)

Where can people connect with you? (27:08)


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