Episode 49 - Nambi E Kelley - On her Write & Rewrite process, Advice to Writers & More

Episode 49 - Nambi E Kelley - On her Write & Rewrite process, Advice to Writers & More

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Chicago native actress, poet, writer/playwright Nambi E Kelley joins me for the 49th episode of The Creation Grounds. We discuss her writing and rewriting process, how does she keep rewrites fresh and inspired when she has hard deadlines, advice to artists about to graduate, overcoming writers block and more.

Nambi is currently working on an exciting project that is in talks to potentially be Broadway bound. She served as a writer for season 3 of Showtime's "The Chi" and Her adaptation of Richard Wright's "Native Son" (Sam French, Concord Theatricals) premiered in New York, produced by The Acting Company at The Duke on 42nd Street, July 2019. The world premiere of Native Son was presented to critical acclaim at Court Theatre, and received nominations for 5 Jeff Awards including best adaptation and production of the year, and was the highest grossing production in Court Theatre's 65 year history.

Nambi has performed across the country including at the Goodman and Steppenwolf Theatre, and has been seen in numerous TV spots including: Elementary, Person of Interest, Madam Secretary, Chicago PD, Chicago Justice and has toured internationally.

In this episode Nambi references Daniel. For listeners who aren't familiar she is referring to Daniel Carlton.


Some Questions I Ask:

If any author or playwright could pen your life who would it be who would it be? (2:05)

What sparked interest in performance and the arts? What's your earliest memory of that? (4:03)

What's your research process like for creating a role or script? (6:53)

When faced with writer's block what do you do to overcome it? (8:05)

What play, role, or script has given you most joy to write or perform? (9:53)

How does her writing inform her acting & vice versa if at all (14:11)

Advice to artists about to graduate and enter real world, professional world (16:41)

What is your rewriting process like? (19:20)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind for you and why? (26:40)

Where can people connect with you? (29:29)


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