Episode 51 - Greg Webster - Movement for the Actor, Focus + Breath work, Martial Arts & Success tips for Actors

Episode 51 - Greg Webster - Movement for the Actor, Focus + Breath work, Martial Arts & Success tips for Actors

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Massachussetts born Greg Webster joins me for the 51st episode of The Creation Grounds. In this episode Greg discusses how he got into movement and the body and how it helps actors. The difference between a human doing and human being, Jacques Lecoq and his pedagogy, Wim Hof and breathing, nutrition and health, can actors have success and not live in the major markets? Tips for actors based from his decades of experience in the industry, victim vs fighter mindset and much more.

Greg serves as the Artistic Director of Split Knuckle Theater Company and is also one of the company's founding members. Greg has worked as a performer, teacher, and choreographer from Broadway to the West End and has worked extensively in regional theaters throughout the United States as well as internationally. He is Professor of Movement Theater at the professional actor training program at University of Connecticut and is responsible for teaching the pedagogy of the French theater master Jacques Lecoq. He is also the resident movement coach and fight Choreographer for the Connecticut Repertory Theater. Previous to his appointment at UCONN, he was an instructor at the London International School of Performing Arts, of which he was also a graduate. He holds a B.A. in theater from Columbia College of Chicago and an M.F.A. in acting from the University of Missouri Kansas City. Among Greg's other interests, he is an accomplished Martial artist, Authentic Pilates instructor, Gyrotonic ® teacher and Personal trainer. He holds a black belt in Aikido and is a former Golden Gloves boxer.


Some Questions I Ask:

Where were you born? (2:09)

Why movement as a focus for you? (2:45)

On early career in NYC and waiting tables (6:37)

On personal training and exploration of different movement systems (7:40)

On a challenging period in NYC & defining open call in NYC that shifted things for him (10:03)

On Jacques Lecoq, who he is and his style of work (12:04)

On origins of creating his own work (14:21)

On the business part of show business (20:52)

On markets to build a career other than NY and LA (24:30)

On Breath work and Wim Hof (25:33)

On nutrition (32:17)

On Martial Arts, Aikido,Intuition & In depth nutrition (38:46)

How actors can train their bodies if they are working 40 hours a week? (53:00)

On branding and importance of selling yourself (1:00:00)

Unwavering belief in talent despite adversity (1:04:46)

On protecting your energy and dream (1:12:00)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind for you and why? (1:13:50)

How do people connect with you? (1:20:20)


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