Episode 55 - Pat McCorkle - Her start in Casting, What makes memorable audition, & her Casting Process

Episode 55 - Pat McCorkle - Her start in Casting, What makes memorable audition, & her Casting Process

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Pat McCorkle a prominent NYC casting director joins me for this episode of the Creation Grounds. We chat about her start in casting, how she got into the arts, what makes a memorable audition, can an actor who bombs an audition be considered for future roles? Projects she's currently working on and actually looking for actors for now, to her small part in the process of Steilberg's upcoming "West Side Story."

McCorkle Casting, Ltd. has handled hundreds of projects in film, television and theater. Founded in 1979 by Pat McCorkle, the company has earned a reputation for energy, creativity, and the keen ability to translate a directors vision into reality.

Having cast everything from Hollywood mega-productions to small regional theaters, McCorkle and her staff have developed a vast talent network extending from working stage actors to superstars.

The company has also developed a name for bold and unexpected ideas and for the discovery of new talent. Several of McCorkle cast members have garnered SAG, ACE, Tony, and Emmy awards/nominations. A few highlights of McCorkle's track record include an Emmy nomination for "Californication", Linda Hunt's Oscar winning role in The Year of Living Dangerously; the pool of undiscovered young actors - Brendan Fraser, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Chris O' Donnell - selected for Stanley Jaffe's School Ties; and a long list of people who were "tagged" by McCorkle early in their careers, including Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Skeet Ulrich, and Calista Flockhart.


Some Questions I Ask:

What inspires you? (1:59)

On her start in the arts? (3:06)

Why not act? (5:07)

On how she got her start in casting. (6:13)

On beginnings of McCorkle Casting. (9:00)

What is the most challenging aspect of casting? (9:28)

How do casting directors secure projects? (10:40)

What makes a memorable audition for you? (11:34)

Audition moments that really stand out? (13:00)

What do you wish actors knew about the casting process? (14:14)

Any actors you've ever fought for when the directors/producers don't want them? (15:20)

What makes a bad audition and have you ever cast an actor who bombed an audition in your office? (16:44)

What do you believe today that you didn't believe 10 years ago about the casting process or even in life? (20:38)

On the internet and social media? (22:26)

Similarities and differences in casting for theater, TV and film? (24:10)

What do you desire to do next? (26:10)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind and why? (28:25)

How do people connect with you? (29:52)


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