Episode 57 - Haseem Bivens - On "In The Heights" movie, Health/Wellness & Dancing

Episode 57 - Haseem Bivens - On "In The Heights" movie, Health/Wellness & Dancing

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Health/Wellness: Blakh Love

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Haseem Bivens can currently be seen in Lin Manuel Miranda and Michael Chu's "In The Heights." Haseem Bivins (AKA Gorilla Sage) is a dynamic storyteller who is known for his commitment and dedication for bringing stories to life. Gorilla Sage has been an active member of the street dance community for over ten years and has battled in numerous street dance tournaments all over the east coast. Since high school, Sage has studied acting and he believes whether someone is speaking or moving, the intention to connect to those watching should be very similar. If not, the same.

Using his years of experience Sage has given back to his community and created numerous opportunities for people who are interested in the arts. He owns and operates an arts/health and wellness company with his fiance called Blakh Love.


Some Questions I Ask:

Earliest memory of dancing? (2:25)

Why dance? (3:54)

Why not act? (5:07)

On the moment he decided to make a life in the arts a career. (5:36)

Is dance something that can be developed if someone has no rhytmn(7:52)

His process of practicing his dances? (9:52)

On a rock bottom moment and what he did to turn it around (11:35)

On Lin- Manuel Miranda's "In the Heights" (15:00)

Favorite moment on set (21:32)

Most valuable thing learned from being on set (25:14)

On his health/wellness company that he started with his fiance. (26:34)

What is black/brown communities relationship with health & wellness currently and why do you think it's that way? (30:33)

3 ways people can help their health and wellness right now? (32:57)

What are you currently working on or desire to work on next? (34:37)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind and why? (37:57)

How do people connect with you? (39:11)


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