Episode 58 – Marlon Campbell - Theater of the Living Word, Carribean American Rep Theater

Episode 58 – Marlon Campbell - Theater of the Living Word, Carribean American Rep Theater

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Website: Marlon Campbell

Theater of the Living Word: Website

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, raised in Brooklyn and Queens, Marlon Campbell is a performer, Production Designer and Technical Director working primarily in NYC.

His work can be seen in logos, posters, stationary, CD covers, web sites, videos, stage shows, and publicity materials for a variety of artists, entrepreneurs and organizations including Negro Ensemble Company, Project HOPE, NYU, Tokyo's Broadway Musical Academy, The Equinox Group and ICM, as well as performers such as Patti LaBelle, Expose, KRS-One, Troop, Ray, Goodman and Brown, Naughty by Nature, and Janet Jackson.

He proudly serves as Executive Director of Theatre of the Living Word.


Some Questions I Ask:

Earliest memory of the arts? (2:05)

Most inspired piece of work he's seen and why did it inspire (4:52)

Theatre of the Living Word (7:20)

What is an executive director? (9:05)

What draws you to the design element and stage management in theater (11:52)

What's the most fun production you've worked on? (13:59)

What's the biggest lesson you've learned during your career? (16:19)

Book you've gifted the most? (18:15)

What are you currently working on or desire to work on next? (21:12)

When you think of the word creative who comes to mind for you and why? (23:21)

How can people connect with you? (26:13)


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