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Elite Performance Team Podcast

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Welcome to the Elite Performance Team podcast.

Hosted by Dr. Jan Kasprowicz, DC and Dominick Parillo, Functional Strength Specialist.

The Elite Performance Team podcast motto is "Train Your Brain, Train Your Body!"

We will share our insight on topics of Longevity, Vitality, Mindset and Optimal Performance.

Carpe Diem!



Podcast #30 Larry Levine, Clinical Hypnotist, Creator of C.O.R.E Technique

Larry Levine is the creator of the C.O.R.E Remedy Technique. He is a Master Practitioner in facilitating change in people quickly and easily. Larry works with people to help them replace their current, unproductive patterns with carefully selected programs that produce the outcomes that each individual wants. C.O.R.E. is short for Conscious Outcome Reprogramming Experience. We are all producing outcomes or results that determine the quality and direction of our lives. For example, as a child, we may have been rewarded with dessert by our parents for “eating well”, or for “playing it safe” and taking no risks. Today, we may find ourselves overweight and fearful of even the most minor changes. The old programs no longer serve us, yet they keep on running anyway, influencing us each day to make choices we wish we would not make, and to experience feelings we wish we did not feel. Larry uses a variety of tools to help clients achieve the results they want. These may include hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Brainspotting, and more. Larry will use whatever works best for any particular issue, or by what a client's previous experience suggests will be most effective. Now, it is possible to remove the programs that no longer serve us, and to replace them with a “consciously” chosen path of thoughts, actions, and feelings that serve us today. By making small and specific changes, people are able to improve the quality of their lives. Larry has spent decades in the corporate world– running businesses and consulting with others. He is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, communications trainer, sales strategist, and facilitator of change for large corporations. His clients have included Disney, AOL, McGraw-Hill, Tourneau, IBM, and many others. Larry has taken his years of experience with Top Executives and is now applying the same principles in helping people make changes in all areas of their lives. Call us at: 1-201-388-6491 or write: [email protected]


Podcast #29 Jay Ferrer, Owner Submit 2 Fitness, CrossFit

My fitness journey began as a kid while watching my father play baseball. At the age of 10, I, along with a few friends, joined our town‘s little league baseball. As I grew older, I played all types of sports well into my 20's and late 30's…Football, baseball, track, martial arts and weight lifting. It wasn't until about 8 years ago that I had to get ready for my third degree black belt test, that I realized I needed a real challenge. Something to help me train and condition physically and mentally. My urge to change lead me to CrossFit.

CrossFit helped me open my mind and changed my entire view on what fitness should be. It is a whole different life style and training. Because of CrossFit I started to learn other different types of fitness modalities like: kettlebells, Olympic lifting, strength and conditioning, Indian clubs…Just to name a few.

CrossFit helped me open my mind and changed my entire view on what fitness should be. It is a whole different life style and training. Because of CrossFit I started to learn other different types of fitness modalities like: kettlebells, Olympic lifting, strength and conditioning, Indian clubs…Just to name a few. Soon after I changed career paths and dedicated my life to coaching full time by studying and learning every aspect of the fitness industry like: membership sales, management, personal training and group training. Once ready, I decided that it was time to go out on my own and took on three case studies which I train for free for several months and that's where began my passion for coaching. My motto: “train hard, live harder” In other words, take care of yourself and you will live life to its fullest! website: www.submit2fitness.com email: [email protected]


Podcast #28 Christa Zamel, Reinvented CrossFit Owner/IMX Pilates Owner

Christa is a career entrepreneur, an avid Cross Fitter and lifelong athlete. She has owned multiple business throughout her life. Currently, she is the owner of Reinvented CrossFit, IMX Pilates Englewood and has a private Life Coaching Practice. Christa believes that mental and physical endurance go hand in hand in achieving optimal performance in all arenas. Life is unpredictable. The CrossFit mentality is train to expect the unexpected. A belief system that parallels Christa's own personal methodology: "There is no such thing as failure. If you are trying, you are succeeding." She approaches all aspects of her businesses and life the same way she works out - by stepping outside the box, testing limits, and coming up with creative solutions to maximize strengths, neutralize weaknesses, and become extraordinary. She is a member of BCPWN, a volunteer mentor at Center for Hope and Safety, and a Guest Support Group Workshop Facilitator at Holy Name Medical Center Cancer Support Community.


Podcast #27 Julio Rodriguez, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Whether you're training for self-improvement, fitness, weight loss, sport competition, or self-defense, our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes in West New York have you covered. We offer adults a cutting-edge No-Gi program that focuses on every element of this modern martial art, helping you build strength and total body fitness as you master the techniques of throws, ground grappling, and submissions. At Anaconda BJJ, we are proud to work with all experience levels, helping you build your skills from the ground up in our beginner's program or take your training to the next level with our advanced program.


Podcast #26 Mark Williams, Elite Master Track Athlete, 8.6 yr run streak

Elite Masters track and field middle distance athlete. Currently on a consecutive running streak of 2.5+ miles daily.

Contact Info - Twitter handle: markruns - Instagram handle: markstillruns


Podcast #25 Dr. Craig Banks, Chiropractic Physician, CCSP

Dr. Craig Banks is a 2003 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, IA. He is originally from Youngstown, Ohio, where he attended Liberty High School. Dr. Banks completed his undergraduate work at Kent State University, and initially began on the path to being a neurosurgeon through Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. Due to the low success and satisfaction rates of the medical profession, he decided that a Chiropractic career was right for him. He was one of the first D.C.'s in the state of Ohio to complete a recognized internship in Chiropractic. At Kent State, Dr. Banks was a member of the wrestling team, and while at Palmer, he played Men's Division I rugby. He is a former state powerlifting champion and currently a NPC competitive bodybuilder. He understands the needs of athletes, whether recreational or professional, because of his own personal experience. Dr. Banks has given on field support to several rugby teams, and off field support to hundreds of athletes including seven-time Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, the Cleveland Gladiators arena football team, and the Rootstown wrestling programs. Several highlights of Dr. Banks' career have been outside of his office, providing care at local and national sporting events. He has treated several professional wrestlers from two major televised brands and a handful of mixed martial arts fighters. Dr. Banks was the team physician for the Cuyahoga Falls Cougars semi-pro basketball team during their run. He has traveled to Hungary to assist in providing free chiropractic care to not only people in desperate need of any form of health care, but also the Hungarian Olympic athletes that were training for various sports. In March of each year, Dr. Banks heads to Columbus for the Arnold Classic and the International Chiropractic Association's Symposium on Natural Fitness, which is headlined by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the fitness expo, he has been a staff doctor, helping to provide trauma care for the over 17,000 athletes. In fact, the event is larger than the Olympics. In today's Podcast we discuss: -Sports Chiropractic -Bodybuilding -Walking the Talk -Laser Therapy/Photobiomodulation -KinetiCream Facebook: Pinnacle Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center KinetiCream.com CleanRemedies.com (CBD version of KinetiCream) Podcast: OptimalFNXN.com (podcast)


Podcast #24 Michael Grant White, Optimal Breathing Specialist

Optimal Breathing Development Work integrates ancient teachings and modern science and technology and is compatible with all forms of religious or spiritual expression. Breathing mechanics are essentially the same for almost everyone but many of us lose good breathing or never had it. We teach rock solid breathing fundamentals for a variety of goals and purposes. As Vince Lombardi used to say. "There are NO new fundamentals." One of my primary goals as a breathing coach and breathing based personal growth mentor is to help awaken the breathing consciousness of the world. 8 million emails over the last 10 years and 20 years of helping thousands of people breathe better has helped me get closer to that goal. Good or not so good, Charles Darwin gave biology a grammar. My goal is to clarify breathing vocabulary and function in a most meaningful, easily understandable and dependable way, and to awaken the breathing consciousness of the world.California State Certified Nutrition Consultant NC; North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist NCLMBT); #1724; OBDMT; Co founder of the Somatics Community of the Association of Humanistic Psychology; A student of educational biofeedback including Heart Rate Variability; Speaking, Singing and Holistic Health Coach, Certified in the Hendricks Method of Transpersonal Body Therapy aka "Radiance Breathwork", Mentor and Business consultant. https://breathing.com/


Podcast #23 Roger Aspholm, Cycling/Endurance Coach, USA & Finland National Champion Cyclist

Roger founded the FinKraft Cycling Team in 2010 . The Team is now one of the New York metropolitan area's premier master's Team . The team has grown a lot since and now consists of 4 different divisions with about 50 athletes on the team; Road Men , OFF Road , a separate Women's Team and a Multi- Sport Team ( running and Triathlon). The team competes in amateur races held mostly in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions , but we also attend the US national championships in the disciplines like Road, Cyclocross, Mountain Biking and occasionally the Masters Worlds. http://www.finkraftcyclingteam.com/


Podcast #22 Dr. Harry Pino, PhD Hall of Fame Tennis Athlete, Legendary Runner

Dr. Pino earned his PhD in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Pacific University. He specializes in sports performance testing and sports recovery. He is a board certified clinical exercise physiologist from the American Society of Exercise Physiology. Dr. Pino is on the editorial board and reviewer for Bariatric Surgical Nursing and Patient Care and Bariatric Times and has also published articles in the aforementioned journals. He has presented, nationally and internationally, on various aspects of exercise physiology particularly concerning sports performance testing and recovery. As an active participant in the field of exercise physiology, he remains on the Board of Accreditation for the Society of Exercise Physiologists and is the immediate past president for the Massachusetts Association of Clinical Exercise Physiologists. He is a consultant for the USA and PUR Olympic Team.

In this epsiode we discuss:

-Transitioning from a Pro Tennis Athlete to Elite Runner

-Overcoming obstacles to achieve you goals

-VO2 Testing for athletes


Podcast #21 Shane Moran, Cyclist, Retired NYPD Scuba, Entrepreneur

NYPD: I was a patrol cop in the South Bronx starting in 2000. I was at the WTC on 9/11 and the months afterward (crazy story). After a few years I took the NYPD Scuba Team physical and written test which is based on the US Navy BUDS entry test (the precurser to getting onto the SEAL Teams). Only about 5% who take the test pass. It's pretty tough even for most 20-somethings. We are one of, if not the only, 24/7-365, municipal dive team in the US. We have several boats and always have 2 divers on the NYPD Aviation Air Sea Rescue helicopter (a huge thrill when you first get onto the team). We worked a 12 hour tours and flip-flopped from days to nights. We did 3 days, 3 days off, 3 nights (7pm-7am). This was done because of the tides. It's impossible to dive in the any of the rivers in NYC unles it's slack tide (in between low and high tide when the rivers slow down and stop moving). Tides change every 6 hours so we needed to do 12 hour tours or there would be a full 8 hour tour that wouldn't be able to dive if there was a job. We swithched each week because the bulk of the grunt work was done during the day when it's safer to dive in the busy water ways of NYC. If you were in a squad that was only doing night tours, you would rarely dive at all and diving is a perishible skill. This schedule wreaked havoc on my health, both physical and emotional as I got into my late 30s and early 40s. We can talk about that as it pertains to overall health not to mention athletes. Oh, by the way I won a NY state road race championship after working 12 hours overnight and then driving to Albany to race. Ah to be young again. 2. Amateur racing career, my recent and past injuries, as well as being a vegetarian since 2003. 3. Goji Fitness as well as Zenberry Links: https://gojifitness.com/ https://zenberrymix.com/ https://www.facebook.com/zenberrymix/ https://www.facebook.com/GojiFitness/ www.instagram.com/zenberrymix www.instagram.com/gojifitness www.twitter.com/zenberrymix www.twitter.com/gojifitness Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3wkoDctoe1LEG0ECJQKjmQ?view_as=subscriber LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanemoranzenberry/ https://www.instagram.com/kagan38/ Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGdE8sXVQ_2o2Jk_E3aWFiQ?view_as=subscriber


Podcast #20 Brianne Showman, PT, DPT

Dr. Brianne Showman has been a physical therapist since 2006. Since that time, she has been helping active adults and athletes get to peak health and performance. Being a competitive CrossFitter, runner, and Spartan, she understands the desire to be performing at a high level, avoid injuries, and getting back to training as soon as possible when injury does occur.

Brianne Showman, PT, DPT

Get Your Fix Physical Therapy Ph: 602-904-6576 Web: www.getyourfixpt.com


Podcast #19 Vinny Galanti, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder




Vinny Galanti started training in 1983 when his dad brought home a sand weight set.

By January of 1984 at age 16, Vinny started taking the # 10 bus from Jersey City to Bayonne NJ to train at Billy's gym, where the competition bug took a big bite, and he never looked back.

Having over 25 years under his belt in the bodybuilding world, Vinny is known for his balanced physique, great posing, and dedication to the sport.

In this Podcast we talk about:


-Overcoming Obstacles

-Surrounding yourself with the right people

-Utilizing a plan and executing


-Self Awareness

-Learning from you setbacks


Podcast #18 William Gahwyler Triathlon/Running Coach

Accomplished Iroman Triathlete, Marathoner, Coach

In this episode we cover


-Training goals/objectives

-Finding the right coach for you

-Base training for success


Podcast #17 Jonathan Schwartz Triathlete, 2 time brain surgery patient

Father, Husband, Determined, Ambitious.......only words!!

The Spirit that Jonathan has and brins into a room gives every one who knows him and is in his presence a sense that you can accomplish anything!


Podcast #16 Henry Broncano, Veteran and survivor of cancer..........TWICE!!

Husband, Veteran and survivor of cancer..........TWICE!!

We will cover the following topics:

-Intermittent Fasting

-Ketogenic Diet


-Support for Cancer Patients

-Oxygen Therapy

-Live 02


Podcast #15 Tyler Wren Professional Cyclist/Owner Wrenegade Sports

Professional cyclist for 13 years from 2002 to 2014

Tyler graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Economics and Finance, and completed post-graduate work at the University at Albany School of Business.

Tyler, in his own words

"Cycling has taken me to spectacular locations around the country and the world that I otherwise never would have seen. With Wrenegade Sports, I am working to share that same sense of discovery from the seat of a bicycle by creating exciting events in beautiful, secluded areas."


Podcast #14 QA with Dr. Jan & Dom

Thanks for sending in all your questions. We will cover the following 5 questions in this video podcast. Stay tuned for the next video podcast which will cover the questions 6-10

1. In regard to supplements, what are the necessary supplements you recommend I take daily?

2. I have heard a lot of info about Creatine? Should I be taking creatine? Will it make me bloated? How much should I use?

3. I here you guys talking about anxiety on your podcasts. I have been struggling with anxiety for several months and I do not want to take meds, what other options do I have?

4. I found the protocol animation on your fb page very interesting. What are the protocols that you have in your office?

5. I have been doing Keto for the last 2 months, lost 12 lbs. and now the scale is not budging, and I am constantly craving carbs? What do I need to do to continue to lose weight?

6. I have been doing CrossFit for over a year now and found that I still cannot squat all the way and when I try to, my hips, knees and even ankles hurt. Why? and What can I do?

7. What should I eat before I work out?

8. I've been on keto for a while and I do not eat any fruit, how can I increase antioxidant consumption?

9. I started running 3 weeks ago, now my hips and knees are bothering me. I don't have any injuries.

10. I've been running for 2 years; in the beginning I was hitting a PR in 5k's then my progress stalled. I decided to increase my mileage to get faster. When I increased my mileage, my upper back, hips and knees started to hurt.

My apologies we did not cover the questions in this order


Podcast #13 Dr. David Minkoff, MD BodyHealth, 43 Time Ironman Finisher

Dr. Minkoff Graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1974

In addition to his traditional medical training, Dr. Minkoff has extensive post-graduate training in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

He co-founded LifeWorks Wellness Center in 1997, one of the largest alternative medical clinics in the U.S.

In 2000, he founded BodyHealth, a nutrition company which offers a unique range of dietary supplements to the public and practitioners.

Dr. Minkoff is passionate about fitness and is a 41-time Ironman finisher.

Dr. Minkoff, Thank you for joining me today on our podcast.

1. The ongoing debate between BCAA vs EAA has been going on for years. Being that you are an authority on this topic can you please clear up the confusion to our audience why EAA are superior?

2. We work with many athletes in our office and many of them have been using BCAA, how have people been so misinformed as to the lack of effectiveness of BCAA compared to EAA?

3. In our facility we have protocols put in place for sports performance, vitality and longevity utilizing various technologies. We also highly recommend nutritional support to make these protocols more effective.

In regards to Longevity, how would EAA benefit our population that is looking to live not only a longer but more active life?

4. Through my 20 years in practice as a Chiropractic Physician and Sports Recovery Specialist I have have focussed on getting my patients and clients better faster with the use of various movement based therapies and technologies such as lasers, hyperbaric chambers, pemf devices, and nutrition.

How do EAA play a role with healing muscular injuries and will they aid in the effectiveness in recovery from other injuries such as bone and even intervertebral disc injuries such as disc herniations?

5. We work with many competitive athletes and a common question is what to eat before their morning training session. How would an athlete utilize EAA for their morning training session?

6. I have been using your EAA for several years now and not only have I noticed significant recovery from training session but also increase energy through my training sessions which can go for 2+ hours when I am cycling.

How can endurance athlete incorporate EAA into their fueling strategy when competing in cycling, marathon training and triathlon?

7. in regards to weight loss, we promote fat adaptive strategies to our nutrition coaching clients.

How do EAA benefit a person looking to lose body fat and retain lean body mass?

8. Besides EAA, what other supplements would you recommend for some one trying to recovery faster from injury? Improve athletic performance?

Dr. Minkoff's website: https://www.bodyhealth.com/


Podcast #12 Tracey Obenauer, Persistence, Determination, Survival, Gratitude

Persistence, Determination, Survival, Gratitude

These are just a few words that describe my friend Tracey

The podcast covers the following topics:







Life hits hard, it doesn't matter how many time you fall, it matters how many time you get up!!


Podcast #11 Terry Kerrigan, Professional Cyclist, 35 Ironman Triathlons, 4 Kona Ironman Triathlon

-Father & Husband

-Professional Cyclist

-35 Ironman Triathlons, 4 Kona Ironman Triathlon

-World Champion Coach

-MMA Consultant

-Mental Emotional Training Strategist


Podcast #10 Master Doug Paik, Martial Arts, Building Self Confidence, Following Your Passion

We cover some extra-ordinary topics: -Martial Arts -Building Self Confidence -Following Your Passion -Volunteering in Haiti -Overcoming Obstacles Master Doug Paik Owner, Chief Master Instructor DP Martial Arts & Krav Maga Academy 623 Broadway, Westwood, NJ 07675 (201) 664-5260 www.newjerseykravmaga.com www.dpmartialarts.net


Podcast #9 Jennifer McDonald Acupuncturist, Eastern/Western Acupuncture, Keto, Work/Life balance

Podcast interview with Acupuncturist Jennifer McDonald of Jennifer Layne Accupuncture & Wellness


We cover the following topics:

-Eastern/Western Acupuncture


-Work/Life balance

-Working Out



Podcast #8 Mary Ellen Loranger, NJTriFriends, 50 year old, mother of 4 kids, Age-group triathlete and 4th IM finisher

50 year old, mother of 4 kids age 14-21 and dog Sarge; married to the love of her life, professional fundraiser for over 30 years and now following her dream and passion to build her business -- Healthy ME&YOU and Health Coach fulltime. Age-group triathlete and 4th IM finisher. Started the New Jersey Tri Friends Facebook page which has grown into a wonderful resource for about 1000 triathletes in the region. Grew up in Fair Lawn NJ and now resides in Oakland NJ in her lakefront home


Podcast #7 Dom's Pre Marathon Podcast

Dom's pre race prepeation before the Lehigh Marathon which is a Boston Marathon Qaulifier

Topics Discussed are: nutrition, recovery, race prep, mindset, race fueling


Podcast #6, Carolyne Barbire Mueller, Importance of Planning and Discipline, Intermittent fasting, InVitro Fertilization

Today we have a guest who's very special to me as it is my sister in law, Carolyne Barbire Mueller. Carolyne is a Language arts teacher, mother of 2 absolutely beautiful 3 year old twin girls and wife of a news camera man who travels a ton for work. These are the topics from this Podcast:

    1. Importance of Planning and Discipline
    2. Intermittent fasting
    3. InVitro Fertilization
    4. Weight gain and path to weight loss
    5. Supplementation
    6. Floyd's of Leadville CBD


Podcast #5 Hydration on the Bike

I discuss my hydration strategy for long cycling sessions that not only quench my thirst but also increase the production of ATP, reduces/breakdown developing scar tissue and provide an adaptogenic aid to reduce overall discomfort from hard training rides.

I have been using Elite Fuel for the past 5 years will consistent results

  • D-Ribose
  • DMG, Dimethylglycine
  • Coq10
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Malic Acid
  • Protease
  • Magnesium
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Rhodiola
  • Bromelain

As a side note, this podcast was recorded in my truck, with no AC, on a 90 degree day because my dog would not stop barking in the house, so excuse me if it seemed rushed.


Podcast #4 BioHacking Recovery from Training

We discuss the various biohacking tools that we utilize at home and in the office to speed up our recovery from hard training days on the bike and out on the road running.

We discuss the following technologies:

1. Normatec Compression Boots

2. PEMF Mat (Pulsed Electric Magnetic Fields)

3. Power Plate, Whole Body Vibration

4. LiveO2, (EWOT: Exercise With Oxygen Therapy)

5. Compression Socks/Gear

6. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

7. Class 4 Deep tissue Laser Therapy

We produced the entire podcast while bearing Normatec Compression Boots. In fact we decided to produce most of our future podcast while wearing the Normatec Compression Boots.

A videocast was also produced and is available on our youtube page: Elite Performance Team


Podcast #3 Nutritional and Active Recovery

What foods and supplements to use to optimize recovery from training.

What forms of active recovery to use for post training recovery.


Podcast #2, The FAT Days

Dominick competes in Ironman Triathlon, Marathons. Open Water Swims.

Dr. Jan wakes up everyday at 4am and rides 150-200 miles per week, every week.

Easy for us right?

About 18 years ago we were in a different stage of our lives: Overweight (FAT), smoking, drinking, rarely exercised, unmotivated.

We'll tell you what we had to go through to get to where we are today.

Yeah that us in all our glory......

Dr. Jan on the Left and Dominick on the Right.


Podcast #1 Elite Performance Team Podcast THE INTRO

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz, Chiropractic Physician/Sports Recovery Specialist, and Dominick Parillo, Functional Strength Specialist/Ironman Triathlete, bring to you information to improve your health, sports performance & recovery, nutrition, mindset and bio-optimization.

We will share our personal and professional experience with you and give you the necessary tools to achieve your optimal health and fitness goals.