Show 029: 89 the Brainchild

Show 029: 89 the Brainchild

Executive Produced by Mr.B and T.Griffin

Download or Stream 89 the Brainchild's "Kayfabe":`

On today's episode we got NJ artist 89 the Brainchild on the show fresh off the release of his album "Kayfabe" which is a term that is synonymous with professional wrestling and sports entertainment. Kayfabe is an exploration of character and we dive (no pun intended that's another wrestling term) deep into his character, we talk alot wrestling and the indie circuit of course the music, vulgarity and more. I hope you enjoy the interview if you're a fan of wrestling like us both then you're in for a great conversation and for the love of God check out "Kayfabe" from 89 the Brainchild it's one of my favorite projects this year I haven't been able to stop listening

Set List:

1. 89 the Brainchild- 696
2. Shay Lia- Whats Your Problem?
3. Silk City- Loud (ft. GoldLink and Desiigner)
4. Grandmilly & Shoezae- Cyber Tech Suits
5. Marlowe- Tales From The East
6. Trapo- The Red Carpet
7. 89 the Brainchild- dive….
8. JPEGMAFIA- Man Purse
9. K' Le Maestro- KNUCKIFYOUBUCK [Samurai Edit]
10. Myke Bogan- Groove (ft. Kazadi & Blossom)
11. Flamingosis- Bruncha Nova (ft. Tokyo Megaplex)
12. OwL MoNk- sOuL Keys
13. Flat Stanley & Jillesque- %b.uR G.IRL#
14. laxxp- Sunday Morning
15. 89 the Brainchild- King Latifah