Show 042: Micah Write

Show 042: Micah Write

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Sorry for the wait and no "New Year" episode I was dealing with the flu and then laryngitis health is wealth people but now. I'm back in the captains chair. I wanted to make an announcement that GEM Radio Season 3's 18 episode run has been extended to 24 episodes. I don't know what that entails but a lot of unsigned , independent talent will have a platform for their music to be heard for a little while longer.
So we are here in the new year with an interview with hip hop artist and acrylic painter Micah Write. We talk about music, being a Christian rapper in the past, going to prison, becoming a father and he reveals the name of his upcoming project. We recorded this at a undisclosed location forgive the audio. -Mr.B

Set List:
1. Micah Write - Oct 24
2. Leland Aleem Fakir- Michael Johnson
3. Blacktop Megaphone- Tusk (ft. DrxQuinnx & Denmark Vessey)
4. Big Kahuna OG & Fly Anakin - Made 4 Flee
5. Only muddy- another episode
6. Micah Write- Mock Up
7. fresco - better life (ft. Gawdlee)
10. Therdchild- don't sell mr serfs
11. envoy.MSNGR - Paradigm Shift (ft. EPTHEMC)
12. Garrot Odom- El Camino
13. kreatev - Hella Smoke
14. fushou- (ft. NOTHINGISREAL)
15. Micah Write- That One Scene from Pulp Fiction

Background GEMS:
1. Von Grimm- Irrelevant Jazz
2. STLNDRMS- Oppai