Show 051: Valentines Day 2020

Show 051: Valentines Day 2020

Sorry for the very long wait but we are back for a season with little to no interruptions (no long breaks) and its Valentine's Day so we wanted to share love.... and heartbreak (it happens). What can we say about this new season other than its gonna be the best yet and we are on the road to 100 episodes, cant we make it happen on season 5...lets see where the road takes us.

Executive Produced by: Mr.B & Tee G|

Curated by: Mr.B|

Recorded at The Lions Den in Jersey City,NJ|

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1. [w]- keep it smoov

2. Karma- Speak Up

3. See Dee- Rendah Vouh

4. Amber Mark- What If?

5. duncan gerow- Rehab (Rihanna + G-Unit Remix)

6. Mndsgn- I let it gooooo (asal hazel-usayudo flip)

7. sebastian mikael- Time

8. Notebook P- anybody

9. Noah Elijah- Euphoria (ft. Janel)

10. Reek & Sage- Visions of Love (ft. Levicantising & Big Beautiful)

11. Mighty Mozaic- Until You Disappear

12. Arlo Parks- George

13. danewav- Ghetto (Akon Flip)

14. Joy Postell- Possibilities

15. Ambre- fubu

16. TYuS- 4U

17. twenty weeks- together

18. Kyle Dion- Cool Side of the Pillow

19. Feeniks- Back & Forth