Show 056: Quarantine Series (Hip-Hop)

Show 056: Quarantine Series (Hip-Hop)

Sorry for all the delays but we are here for the 3rd installment of the Quarantine Series. All hip hop records so we home you enjoy this one. Be on the lookout for the possibility of a IG live set for "Same House, Now Dance 3." Stay safe out there, we are going to get through this.

Executive Produced by Mr.B & Tee G
Recorded in the Lion's Den Jersey City,NJ
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Set List.

1. Macc McCray- Respect (ft. Karma)

2. Tellie Floydd- Percy

3. PeteyxKraze- Wrist Watch

4. Nizz Sentine- Love Go (Interlude)

5. brainorchestra- Poached Pears (ft. Lord Cartel)

6. Scheme- Militia

7. Ki Bohiti- Wrong Place

8. Clear Soul Forces- Chinese Funk

9. Kemp Dupri x SPVCED- Tony's World

10. koala- Life=Good

11. Oliver the 2nd- PageMaster

12. riley lamarre- barrywhiteflo (koncept flip)

13. Stove God Cooks & Roc Marciano- Lava Lamp

14. Koga Yokai- SilvaSurfa (ft. Cheech Ortiz)

15. Cosmic- Back Up (ft. Ki Bohiti)


17. YOSHI- Roses

18. Denzel Himself- radio (ft. bubblerap)

19. arshadgoods- tEArs (ft. Blvack Spvde)

20. BlaaqGold- You $till Aint $hit

21. Fax Mercury- Bobby From The Ends