Cybertron: The Decepticon Headquarters (Brooklyn Legacy)

Cybertron: The Decepticon Headquarters (Brooklyn Legacy)

In this episode of Brooklyn Legacy, Laz recounts his memories of the infamous Decepticons, and their "Cybertron" headquarters. This is a boots-on-the-ground tale, not the misinformation you'll get from the corporate media.

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From Wikipedia: "The Decepticons were a street gang or street organization that thrived from the late 80s through the early 90s. Their members were teenagers and young adults ranging from the age of 15 to their early 20s. The gang was most prominent in Brooklyn, but at their peak, the group consisted of multiple branches, or legions, all across New York City. In an interview with former Decepticon "General Steele", it is mentioned that there were legions of Decepticons in Clinton Hills, Flatbush, East Flatbush, and Bed Stuy Brooklyn, Harlem, Manhattan, and parts of Queens. Steele references in his interview how the Decepticons were all over the place in patches due to the group's upbringing. The legions would initially begin as a formation of a bond of bullied kids who needed strength in numbers. The original group of Decepticons started in Brooklyn, New York with three boys from two different schools. Two of the boys, who went by the names of Cyclonis and Rumble, went to Bushwick High School, and the other, called Megatron, went to Brooklyn Technical High School. They formed their bond in order to make sure no one would harm them. As those founding fathers found more people with common mindsets in the two schools they went to, their numbers grew, and soon after their small group morphed into a feared gang."