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Hold On... I'm Stanning Something

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Hold On... I'm Stanning Something, is the creative endeavor into all things pop culture. Two best friends recap, recall, and reminisce, about their favorite films, TV shows, musicians, and all things inbetween. Join Brittney and Courtney as they explore their freindship through pop culture phenomenons. Topics ranging from Friends, American Idol, Avril Lavigne, Twilight, and Taylor Swift bring these two best buds closer than ever before.

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Twilight (The Robert Pattisance UNCUT)

Hold on tight, spider monkeys. We're talking Twilight. It's the season finale, and what better way to close out this season than by talking about the most influential cinematic experience of the 00's.

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Harry Styles (& a little 1D)

Do I even have to explain?

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Lindsay Lohan Cinematic Universe

"Mom! You're ruining my life!"

If you've seen any Lindsay Lohan movie from 1998-2005, you know this phrase. From The Parent Trap, to Mean Girls, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, we're discussing the best films of the Lindsay Lohan Cinematic Universe.

Lola Stepp in Confessions was one of the first true stans, so here we are, paying respect to our elders.

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The Peeta Mellark Episode

Today we're talking your favorite dystopian novel series from when you were 13. Whether it's The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, or Percy Jackson and the Olympians, we've got you covered. Join us and a special guest as we discuss our favorite YA book to film adaptations.

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If he's the reason for the teardrops on your guitar, if you go back to December all the time, if you're never ever getting back together, or if you can't spell awesome without me... then this episode is for you!!

We're talking all things Taylor baby. This conversation is completely uncut, and filled with the utmost joy and love for Ms. Swift.

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We're talking New Directions baby! Good ol William McKinley High. Join us in talking about the best show on television from 2008 to whenever season 3 ended.

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Kelly Clarkson


She's literally America's idol. We all know and love her, so why wouldn't we dedicate an entire episode to her? From Idol to the Kelly Clarkson show, we discuss all things Kelly.

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In this episode, we're talking about the independent entertainment company A24, and what makes their films so special. Films dicussed include: Hereditary, Eigth Grade, The Bling Ring, Midsommar, Ex Machina, Lady Bird, and more! (Spoiler alert!!)

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Halloween Special: SCREAM

Happy Halloween! This episode is all about the Scream franchise. From Neve Campbell's hair to Patrick Dempsey's dreamy role in Scream 3, we take a look at the iconic series. Spoilers ahead, press play if you dare!

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The One Where We Talk About Friends

On this episode, we discuss how much we hate Ross Gellar. That's pretty much it. Spoilers ahead!

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