Let's Talk Some More Music!!!

Let's Talk Some More Music!!!

There are some really iconic albums out there, Abbey Road by the Beatles and IV/Zoso by Led Zepplin for example. But that's not what I want to talk about. In this episode I wanted to talk about albums I feel deserve more attention. So join me as I dig into some of my favorite albums, some by really popular artists and a few that a little more obscure. So take a seat, get comfortable and Let's Rock This Podcast!!!

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Albums discussed

Full Devil Jacket- Full Devil Jacket (2000)

Motley Crue- Motley Crue (1994)

Funeral For Yesterday- Kittie (2007)

Motograter- Motograter (2002)

Animosity- Sevendust (2001)

Slave to the Grind- Skid Row (1991)