(In)correct Takes ep 4

(In)correct Takes ep 4

This week we talked about the death of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and all of the political implications that we will see over the next 6 weeks as Republicans nominate and confirm her replacement to the Supreme Court. We also talked about Cuties, a bit more COVID numbers, the coming Durham report/investigative results (indictments) and finally Chris Wray (FBI Director) testifying in the House Homeland Security Committee this week about the Protests/Riots and the extremist groups perpetrating the violence. We also discussed the apparent ban on discussing George Soros on Fox News.

Below are some links to various twitter threads we used as reference.

Harris Faulkner Outnumbered Soros

Biden in 2016 on Presidential year SCOTUS nominee

Kavanaugh Montage

Trump's Reaction to RBG News

House Dems demand letter to Horowitz Re:Durham

Tucker Clip explaining a color revolution

COVID v Global Excess Death Chart