KoK.Rocks w/JustinCody

KoK.Rocks w/JustinCody

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Hello Producer

Once upon a time in the https://www.noagenda.bar a dream of a Cast was dreamt up.

Between yours truly, GWFFtheKoK and one Justin Cody.

The dream was to find a reasonable place to plot a Rock & Mineral take over PODCAST STYLE.

So, take a journey beyond the dirt and the firmament and into the very make up of your Earth & beyond.

This show will be living on https://www.KoK.rocks at some point.

For now, stick us in your earolls, do your thing, let us do ours, alls you gotta do is enjoy the rest init.

Oh, and this show will be both ASMR and PodCast 2.0 certified, one immeadiately, the other in time.