#32 - Lala Talks About Divine Mathematics & Ancient Templates

#32 - Lala Talks About Divine Mathematics & Ancient Templates

Spoiler Alert: GOD WINS

I was inspired by a prophetic message by Jonathan Cahn which led me to dive into how it plays into the divine mathematics that is present in this reality. I talk about sacred geometry, fibonnaci sequence, golden ratio, vortex math and how it fits into this example of a biblical story that is seemingly an ancient template to what is going on with today's current events. It blew my mind, and I hope I was able to convey my message. How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?

If interested, here is the original prophetic message which is where this podcast idea came from:

Interestingly, the song at the end is polynesian folk song which made me happy and I looked up the translation after I posted it and it was this:

This song is for you, my people, This is a sign of my love for you Don't stop believing in God, He will guide you in this world Repent, repent, The Kingdom of this world is coming soon, But you will not know the time, Our Lord will return