"Dance to the Music" Julius Hudson and Denyzio LaBoy Make Their Pitch on a platform for artists that levels the playing field

"Dance to the Music" Julius Hudson and Denyzio LaBoy Make Their Pitch on a platform for artists that levels the playing field


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Julius Hudson and Denyzio LaBoy Present Penuin.

Penuin is an eCommerce platform, the only one of its kind, to bridge the gap between eCommerce technology and the entertainment industry,

This is the first and only platform allowing users to measure, monetize, manage and moderate themselves as eCommerce serviceable products using a search engine algorithms.

By carving out a unique space on the web the platform is the first-to-market service an entity that is changing and disrupting the world of eCommerce technology.

The problem Penuin solves is providing performing entertainers a direct connection to fans.

The Penuin platform allows entertainers the opportunity to establish themselves as a brand that helps them bring more of its entertainment portfolio into the market thereby creating new avenues to generate income and new revenue streams heretofore unavailable in the entertainment industry.

Penuin closes the entertainment gaps and loopholes in the industry through providing a the proprietary methodology that allows customers to easily navigate and find anything that is needed to complete a project.

Customers can find choruses, drops, books, verses and other serviceable talents. This will generate additional income for entertainers. Entertainers can track sales to give them the ability to expand their creativity and earn more money.

The team has over 30 years in the industry. Their skills portfolio includes management, promotion, development and producing artists. Their experience earned for them awards and insights into the problem entertainers face in sustaining themselves economically.

Each an individual user brings their own valuation to the platform.

Penuin uses Google and Amazon growth models to build their platform with eCommerce technology.

The growth of Penuin is in part a result of their expertise with eCommerce. In just under five months of starting, Penuin has generated over four thousand users without relying on Google or Facebook ads.

The team cites Google analytics analysis where businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with minimal results. Penuin converts 18% to 20% of their traffic into new members.

Learn more about Penuin at penuinnow.com/



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