"Give Me Water on the Side" Jimmy King gives his pitch on the Side-Bottle product. Creative way to safely add your phone with your water bottle.

"Give Me Water on the Side" Jimmy King gives his pitch on the Side-Bottle product. Creative way to safely add your phone with your water bottle.


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Side Bottle by James King

Side bottle is a simple way to get the phone out of the pocket and off the floor.

In a fitness setting, the side bottle is held in holders at the top and bottom of the phone which securely keep the phone in place.

The holders allow the owner the opportunity to shoot a move of themselves exercising or doing a workout while using the side bottle.

The user does not have to take the bottle out of the case in order to use the sidebottle holder.

Top and bottom straps are engineered of a durable stretch material which allows flexibility for different size phones and an average size case.

The bottle holds 40 ounces of liquid and is made of an EPA free plastic. The lid has a traditional screw-on top with a drinking mouth-piece which is easy to clean.

The side bottle owner, James King, is raising $175,000.00 and will trade up to 20% equity in the company for the full investment.

The problem side bottle solves is removing the phone from a person's pocket while they are at a gym and keeping the phone off of the floor.

The value the side bottle brings is value to gym participants is getting their phones off the floor and out of their pockets.

The sidebottle has a kickstand that provides the use the opportunity to film the workout. The sidebottle allows the user to engage in personal content creation.

In the gym, the fitness activities, are free of a phone being kicked across the floor, keeps the phone safe and germ free.

The product is an everyday use item for people who are fitness conscious, who desire to hydrate themselves continuously and easy of use and convenience of having a water bottle that enhances the experience of the end user.

The water-bottle lends itself to having additional accessories for the user that can be used in their filming. The side bottle eliminates having to place a plastic addition on the bottle to keep the bottle from falling.

Mobile accessories will be easy for a fitness enthusiast to add onto the side bottle.

End users in the future will expect more from their fitness experience. Side bottle is positioned to meet that need.



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