"On the Glide Path" Rob Bowen of Patriotic Insurance teaches how to fly your company away from danger.

"On the Glide Path" Rob Bowen of Patriotic Insurance teaches how to fly your company away from danger.


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Rob Bowen – Patriotic Insurance

It is fair to say, Rob Bowen helps business owners transform their passion for what they love to do into a business they enjoy.

An owner is walked through a glide path that helps the owner transition from hobbyist to the business owner.

At patriotic insurance, the owner learns what steps they need to take to build their business in the right way.

One of the first things a business owner learns is the types of insurance is that need to be established in the business

Rob Bowen has observed over the years that when a business is not set up correctly, Owners will find three to five years down the road they need to unpack everything in the business because the structure is out of alignment with their direction.

Mr. Bowen recommends that you start out with a good business attorney someone who understands the business well enough to guide you in the right direction. You will also need a good accountant or a CPA depending upon the nature of the business.

If you have employees make sure you have a good payroll company or payroll system. This is a good foundation from which you can build what you need to have the proper insurance.

Rob Bowen will take you through a series of different policies how they work and why you need them or consider them seriously.

The goal of business insurance especially is to protect you and the business and to keep you out of bankruptcy.

The biggest risk to a business owner is a claim also known as a lawsuit against the business and the owner.

If you do not have the right coverage or any coverage You will pay for the services of an attorney so the job of the insurance agent is to protect you so that your insurance covers your liability. In short, your insurance company will pay that claim and defend that lawsuit.

It is very important for you to know exactly what your business is and what it does because that influences the type of policy that is written on your behalf.

You must also keep in mind that what you want to do and what the insurance company thinks you do is often out of alignment.

You must be clear and not let the insurance company guess at what you do.

You are responsible to tell them specifically what you do. They then determine what that looks like on the record. Then they will make a determination based on that description.

Startups and business owners want to give thoughtful consideration to insurance, insurance coverage.



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