"Been There Done That" Bruno Manh, a Successful Startup Entrepreneur and Investor walks you through the maze of how to get Investors

"Been There Done That" Bruno Manh, a Successful Startup Entrepreneur and Investor walks you through the maze of how to get Investors


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Bruno Manh began his Telecommunications career working for Digitel in France. In four years the company grew from 250,000 customers to 12 million customers. Bruno managed 200 technical and administrative professionals working for him.

The team developed and implemented Call Centers using the tool available at the time.

The company moved to California, acquiring assets and products from Universal studios like video games like World of Warcraft. Then, along with some friends Bruno pooled resources to acquire tools to develop call centers which included Voice Over IP (VOIP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Automated Call Distribution Systems (ACDs) and Computer Telephone Integration (CTIs)

Bruno offers to startups a basic method for getting into the investor network.

Attend events that are organized by named organizations like Google attended by technical professionals, universities and people who have ideas and want to test their ideas with industry experts.

For startups, exposing themselves to others who can be helpful to the startup is about bringing something useful to the table. What can you bring that will be considered useful to the technical community?

It is not about selling your product or service. It is about discovery about what already exists, listening to the stories of the process of development, sharing the startup experience and asking relevant questions about the startup process

If travel is not an option, join business groups like Chambers of Commerce, Business Networking groups and meetups where many technical professionals are learning about others in the market, how they are growing and offering insights and ideas that can be useful to people starting out, or at an advanced level of growth.

Some startups have reached the stage of scaling their businesses. Meeting people like themselves is a step to consider in the development of business growth. Express your experience and ask for feedback, engage in conversation about how others developed their growth.

Ask for suggestions on how to improve your growth process as well.


Voice Over IP


Customer Relationship Management Systems


Automated Call Distribution Systems


Computer Telephone Integration Systems


French American Chamber of Commerce

German American Chamber of Commerce